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Important questions answer of Hotel Management | Grade XII (Housekeeping Department)

Table of Contents

Chapter 2

Housekeeping Department

Short Answer Questions

  1. List any 10 types of cleaning equipment and explain their uses. [5]

Ans: The correct choice and quality of equipment could save costs due to breakdowns, reduces fatigue and increases efficiency. The most important equipment used by a housekeeping unit are the cleaning equipment. The cleaning equipment used in a hotel are generally categorized into six headings.

Mechanical Equipment: Different types of electric equipment are used in modern hotels.

  1. Vacuum Cleaner: Among different equipment most common and important is vacuum cleaner. It is used for floor carpet cleaning.
  2. Electric shampoo polishes and scrubber machine are used to polish hard floor.

Containers: Containers are used to keep.

  1. Bucket and pails – plastic or galvanized metal are used to keep liquid.
  2. Dust pans – plastic and galvanized metal are used to collect dust.
  3. Room maid’s cart is a trolley. It contains all the cleaning equipment. Housekeeping staffs will carry this trolley to clean room and public area.
  4. Refuse bins – plastic or brown paper sacks are used to collect refuges.
  5. Waste paper baskets – plastic or galvanized metal container are used in the room or are kept in a public are as “dust bin”.

Brushes: Brushes comes in diff different size, shape and quality. They are used for different purpose. Right size, shape and type at right purpose gives better result.

  1. Toilet brush, Sink brush, Scrubbing brush, Carpet hand brush Tapestry brush, Soft hand brush, Wall brush, Feather brush.
  2. Mops: are use wiping. Different types of readymade mopes are available.
  3. Broom: are used to collect dust. Different types of brooms are used as per purpose. Such as Firm carpet broom, Yard broom, Soft Sweeping broom.

Including above materials and equipment we need other materials also such as cleaning cloths, and sundry equipment.

  1. Write floral decoration materials and explain general rules of it.

Ans: Floral decoration is a creative art. It plays a very important role in internal decoration of a hotel. Proper arrangement and placement will increase the quality of establishment. The floral decoration is useful for proper utilization of the open space, to break the monotony or continuity, to offer different environment and to attract. Changing plants and flower gives new look and attracts repeated clients or long stay guests. The flowers can be arranged for different occasions such as wedding, tihar, birthday, etc. At special occasions their color and arrangement offers special attraction.

As a general rule for the purpose of flower arrangement all flowers should be ‘Cut flowers’ just cut before they are fully opened at a cool time of the day. We can arrange flowers in different styles; in western style many flowers are used. The Japanese style of flowers decoration is known as ‘Ikebana’ where very few flowers are used.

An asymmetrical design can be viewed from the front only while a symmetrical design is free standing and is usually a mass arrangement.

Materials Required for Floral Decoration:

Flowers                                                Strong scissors

Pin holders,                                        Oasis (sponge)

Sink with running water                Bucket

Rag or Pad

Different types of flower vases and containers

Wire, ribbon, drift wood, logs of wood sea shells, pebbles, etc.

General Rules:

  • Use only three kinds of flowers and containers
  • Not more than five kinds of material
  • Design or lines can be circular, crescent, oval, oblong, triangular or pyramidal
  • Three dimensional effect or depth can be created by placing material in graded planes that is at different distance from the central axis.

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