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Important Questions Answer of Hotel Management | Grade XII

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Front Office

Short answer questions

  1. Explain different types of room rate and the basis of charging. [5]

Ans: Basis of charging room

Tariff refers to service charge. Hotel Tariff is the rate or change of the hotel service. It is the price for the use of the hotel service. It is the price for the use of different facilities and services. Hotels publish different type of room rate.

  1. Rack rate are printed and published. It is open and applicable to everyone. It has no condition but is has validity.
  2. Promotional rate: are special rates offered to agents, corporate or business houses, crew members. Confidential rate is an agreement between hotel and gents to offer special rate. It is also offered as incentive rate is discounted rate. It can be seasonal, package rate.

Above are common and popular types of hotel rates. But hotel may publish their rate by different names to attract people.

Basis of charging room rate as per management policy

  1. On the basis of 24 hours: In this system rooms are sold on 24 hours basis. According to this system the room occupancy starts from the time of registration of check-on time. In this system one-night room charge is for 24 hours. This basis of charging room is more popular in railway stations.
  2. On the basis of night Spent: This system is more common in transit hotels where generally people stay for night only. The night counting.
  3. On the basis of Check-out time: Check-out time is a time fixed by the hotel in this method a time is fixed to count the night. This system is very common in western countries so the same method is applied in tourist hotels. In Nepal the Check-in and Check-out time is 12 noon.

2. Define VTL and explain its procedure. [5]


Discuss the posting procedure of visitor ledger. [5]

Ans: A hotel maintains different types of ledgers for record keeping and one of them is Visitor Tabular Leger (VTL). It is maintained by front office casher to keep the guest record on daily basis. It is detail of guest’s personal account. All the sales and receive of every guest for a particular day is registered in this ledger. It is a loose-leaf form. One leaf is used for each day. The size, columns, rows and heading of row columns are designed by the hotel as per their requirement. Number of rows depends upon the size of the hotels. Each row is assigned for one room or guest and columns are made for the heading such as breakfast, bar, laundry, service charge, VAT, etc. Total of each row gives the personal account of a guest and total of a column is the sale on particular heading. The final closing of the guest is prepared at the time of departure.

  • Develop rows and columns as per requirement of the hotel. Make it simple and easy to record on keeping.
  • Use capital letter to enter guest name.
  • Write down all the detail based on vouchers received guest and bill received from different sections.
  • Writings should be clear and clean.
  • Use ink pen or ballpoint pen. Do not use pencil.
  • Do not write letter in amount, write numbers.
  • It VTL has two sides for income and credit enter account as per accounting rule.

The VTL method of using loose form is not applicable in big hotels where many rooms are in operation. The computer has replaced this method of record keeping. But principles and method is the same.

3. Discuss security procedure through information. [5]

Ans: Safety and security is the prime objective of every hotel. It is related to the good-will and reputation of the hotel. It includes security of guest, their equipments, hotels staffs and of the hotel property also. Each and every hotel department and every staff should support this mission. Every department should have implemented their own safety measures. Front office is primarily responsible to coordinate the total safety procedures.

In order to provide security Front Office maintains cooperation with housekeeping and bell boys. It is advised to follow following points to maintain good security system by information.

  • For security reasons never provide confidential information to outsiders.
  • Train staffs not to provide hotel guest information to outsiders.
  • Avoiding giving room numbers or guest names to visitors or to telephone callers unless they identify themselves.
  • Maintain good communication system within departments and between the staff so that each one will support management for security.
  • Every hotel staff should be alert and report immediately of any suspicious characters.
  • Hotels may use sensor, CCTV Camera and the information for security.

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