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Important Questions Answer of Hotel Management – Chapter 3

Table of Contents

Chapter – 3: Front Office Department

Short Answer Questions

  1. Explain the essential quality attributes of Front Office Staffs. [5]

Ans: Tourism being a service industry so the image, quality, personality, efficiency, etc. of the staffs determine the class and quality of a hotel. Among different departments Front Office is the most critical department as it is the first and last point a customer contacts.

  • This department generates and collects the revenue. They receive guests allocate rooms and other facilities. So the front staff must have the quality of salesmanship.
  • Front Office is the nerve system. It co-ordinates different departments within the hotel and maintains good relation with external service agencies such as travel agencies, airlines, etc. In this way a front office staff need to be a good coordinator and leader.
  • A front office staff must be informative and knowledgeable as this is the Reference Point. Every department contracts Front Office to leave or this point to receive information in relation to guest service. In house guest also contact this point to receive and leave information. In the same way visitors, government/ local authorities, agents contracts this point for information.
  • Front Office plays a vital role of problem solver. Being the center of communication it receives the guest complaints. So the staff should be diplomatic and resourceful to solve the problem at the shortest possible time. They channel the communication in case of emergency, accident, lost and found, death, etc.
  • The image of front office staffs their manner, dress, communication skill, personal conduct their efficiency determines the class of hotel. So they are known as image builders. The dress, personality, grooming are very important qualities of a front office staff.
  1. List and explain the various types of room plan.

Ans: The room is also known as Hotel plan is choice of a customer to have meals in the hotel or not. A customer may wish to stay in the hotel but does not want to have meals in the hotel. Other may want to have accommodation and breakfast only and others want to have all the meals in the hotel. The combination of accommodation with meals is the plan. The combination are known by different names, they are as follows:

EP: European Plan: In this plan a tourist will enjoy the accommodation only in the hotel. The cost of meals is not included in this plan. The guest will pay extra for meals.

BB: Bed and Breakfast: This plan includes accommodation and breakfast only and other meals are not included. This plan is also known as CP: Continental Plan. In this plan accommodation and continental breakfast is included.

MAP: Mod fied American Plan: This plan includes accommodation breakfast and either lunch or dinner. It includes only two meals. The guest has a choice to have only one meal – lunch or dinner.

AP: American Plan: This plan includes accommodation and three meals breakfast, lunch and dinner in the hotel. Sometimes this plan is also known as Full Board.

  1. What is registration of guest? Discuss its importance. [5]

Ans: Registration is a process to record the guest name, address, nationality, etc. It is the act of recording necessary information related to guests.

Purpose of registration:

  • Guest registration is a government rule, so not to maintain guest record is illegal.
  • The registration helps government to monitor the movement of people in the country, publish data for future planning, etc.
  • In case of sick guest, accident, or death of a guest, the hotel could be able to intimate the guest relative by looking at the registration card.
  • The registration helps to contact guest after departure also. It helps in case of ‘Skippers’, lost and found, misplace or change and exchange of guest luggage.
  • It is a legal proof to the guest of his presence in the hotel.
  • The guest record could be used to service business as service in intangible and ownership does not move so a guest needs proof of ownership and record system. Registration is a record system.
  1. List the information to be provided to the guests about hotel facilities and services. [5]

Ans: A big hotel may have information desk if not lobby manager will handle the job of guest information. They provide information about the city, events, and functions. For this purpose they keep in close contact with bell boys. In some hotels travel desk does the function of information unit to assist guests in making travel plan and booking flight ticket. The objective of information is to make them feel secured and increase enthusiasm about the facilities and services provided by the hotel. The general list of information need to be provided to the guest is:

  • Hotel facilities and services
  • Location of facilities, restaurants and other activities.
  • The services included or free of cost. The facilities and services provided by the hotel.
  • General government rules.
  • General rules and regulation a guest need to follow, such as tax, tips, foreign currency, etc.
  • Any event happening in the city that they can participate
  • Health and security practices they need to be cautious.

One thing must keep in mind that information is not make them serious, and they are not in educational tour that they can remember every point. Information is to support them to enjoy and relax their stay in the hotel.

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