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Important Questions Answer of Hotel Management – Chapter 2 | Grade XI

Table of Contents

Introduction to Hotel

Short Answer Questions

  1. Explain the commercial catering establishments. [5]

Ans: The word catering is form the word “cater” which means to serve. Catering refers to food and drinks service. Modern catering not only includes food but is also includes “environment” that is food for pleasure, food for pleasure, food for test, etc. Among different types of caterings one is commercial catering.

The commercial caterings are opened for the purpose of earning profit. They are hotels, restaurants, fast food, etc. Some common and popular commercial catering are discussed below:

  • Hotels: The main purpose of hotel is to provide accommodation but they also provide earning service through a number of outlets such as coffee shop, room service, specially restaurants, etc.
  • Restaurants: are the places where meals are served. It provides food for pleasure. There are different standards and types of restaurants.
  • Bars and Pubs: The word pub came from public place, where people go to drink and to meet friends. It is a place to eat and meet.
  • Popular Catering: Serves economical meal in local environment, such as Pubjabi Dhawa, Marwadi Basa, Nepali Bhatti, Subway, Pizza hut, etc.
  • Fast Food Restaurant: is a place where people like to have informal food in a busy life. For example MacDonald, KFC, Special Mo Mo, etc.
  • Outdoor Catering: They cater as per the requirement of the customer for ceremonies and for festivals.

There are different type of catering and offer different types/ class of services as per requirement of the guest and market. So they are known by different names locally.

  1. Discuss the meaning and definition of hotels. [5]

Ans: The word hotel originated from the word “hostel” and again the world hostel originated form the “host”. The literal meaning of host is the guest. So hotel is the place which takes care of the guest. The dictionary defines hotel as “a place which supplies board and lodging” or “a place for the entertainment of the travelers”. Hotel provides accommodation meals and refreshments for those who reserve such facilities.

Hostels may be generally defined as “place which provide overnight, furnished, and serviced accommodation in return for payment”.

A hotel or Inn is defined by British Law as a “Place where a bona fide traveler can receive food and shelter, provided he is in position to pay for in and is in a fit condition to received”. Hence a hotel must provide food and beverage and lodging to travelers on payment and has, in turn the right to refuse if the traveler is drunk or in disorder or is not in a position to pay the money.

A hotel is an establishment, which supplies board and loading by the intention to earn profit, where all persons are prepared to pay a stipulated price for their accommodation; that is furnished or a place to sleep or occupy. They occupy with or without contract as to duration but is should not be permanent. The Hotel may furnish quarters and facilities for assemblage, conference, provide supporting.

According to the Word Tourism Organization tourist accommodation is used to denote the facilities operated for short term accommodation of guests, either with or without service against payment and according to fixed rates.

  1. Describe the industrial catering with examples. [5]

Ans: The word catering is from the word “cater” which means to serve. Catering refers to food and drinks service. Catering Industry is sometimes referred to as hospitality industry providing industry proving food, drinks and in certain section accommodation also. Modern catering not only includes food but is also includes “environment’ that is food for pleasure, food for pleasure, food for text, etc. Among different types of caterings one is industrial catering. Industrial catering provides the provisions of food and beverage to the people at work in industries and factories at highly subsidized rates. In many organizations the management manages the catering themselves and sometime they contract outsiders to feed the workers for a fixed price for fixed period of time. The basic philosophy is “better fed workers work better”. The example of industrial catering are army/ police canteen, Departmental staff canteen, Factory canteen, etc.

  1. Describe the role of international hotel chain. [5]

Ans: Chain hotels are the hotels operated by the same name at different places. Some of them are chain-owned or owned by individually but managed by the chain. The basic concept of chain is to share the goodwill and save marketing effort. This type of management contract is known as franchising. Some renowned international Hotel Chains are Hilton, Holiday Inn, Radisson, Oberio, Hyatt Regency, Crown Plaza.

  • They share the name and goodwill
  • Management support
  • Marketing support
  • Reservation support
  • Financial support
  1. What is resort? Explain. [5]

Ans: Resort is an accommodation focused for relaxation and entertainment. The resort hotels are built near the sera, mountain or around the natural beauty. They give special welcome and atmosphere or informality. Their main emphasis is on recreational and relaxes. They have a very calm and natural beauty. Generally, they are located outside the city area so they are not suitable for commercial people. They are specialized for different purpose such as summer resort, winter resort, gulf, jungle resort, health resort, etc.

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