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Important Questions Answer of Hotel Management – Chapter 1 | Grade XII

Table of Contents

Front Office

Short answer questions

  1. What are the qualities attributes of good telephone handler? Explain. [5]

Ans: The telephone operator is one of the most responsible point to maintain communication in house and outside. As he is responsible to handle all incoming calls and maintains a record of international call for billing purpose.

Qualities of a good Telephone Operator

  • Punctuality: It is an extremely important quality. He/ she must report five minutes before shift to go though the information, handing over and taking over the duty.
  • Grooming and hygiene: A telephone operator should maintain
  • Accuracy: Errors are usually caused by carelessness or misunderstanding, which can be avoided by reasonable care, listening attentively, allowing proper time.
  • Cooperation and coordination between all staff and departments is essential for every successful business and an operator should maintain the same.
  • Clarity of Speech: Speak slowly and clearly. Do not use jargons.
  • Sense of responsibility: A sense of responsibility is most essential. Take proper care of hotel equipment.
  • Secrecy: The operator should maintain secrecy of telephonic conversations. He/ she is not supposed to listen to unnecessary conservation.
  • Memory: Having a good memory is extremely important for any telephone operator. For this purpose maintain proper record system
  • Cheerfulness and Politeness: It is important to be alert, cheerful while handling any call and he/ she must be polite even if a call is irritating.
  • Never interrupt the caller.
  • Be friendly, ascertain the caller’s name and use it.
  • Always end the call courteously.

2. Define tariff and explain its types. [5]

Ans: Tariff refers to service charge. It is the cost or price of service. Hotel Tariff is the rate or charge of the hotel service. It is the price for the use of different facilities and services offered by hotel. Individual hotel determines the rate of their services. Hotels publish different types of room rate.

Hotels publish different types of room rate

  1. Rack rate are printed and published. It is open and applicable to everyone.
  2. Confidential rate is an agreement between hotel and gents to offer special rate.
  3. Special and promotional rate.
  4. Group rate is offered to the group of tourists travelling together.
  5. Day rate and overnight rate.
  6. Single rate and Double rate.
  7. Cribe or cot rate applicable for the children below 12 years. This is also known as family rate.
  8. Extra bed rate.
  9. Corporate or commercial rate is offered for business houses.
  10. Crew Member Rate is published to the airlines.
  11. Incentive rate is discounted rate offered to travel agencies or to the business houses.
  12. Seasonal rates are based on High season and low season.
  13. Package rate includes accommodation and other facilities. Hotel may combine transport, sightseeing tour, and or other facilities and publish as a single rate.

Above are the common and popular types of hotel rates. But hotel may publish their rate by different names to attract people.

3. How would you provide security through key handling? Discuss. [5]

Ans: Safety and security is the prime objective of every hotel. It is related to the good-will and reputation of the hotel. It includes security of guest, their equipments, hotel staffs and the hotel property. Each and every hotel department and every staff should support this mission. Every department should have implemented their own safety measures. Front office is primarily responsible to coordinate the total safety procedures.

In order to provide security Front Office maintains cooperation with housekeeping and bell boys. It is advised to follow following points to maintain good security system.

  • For security reasons no guest room key is given to any outsider.
  • Self-locking room doors are used.
  • Guests are advised to drop the room key every time key go outside the hotel.
  • In case of loss or damage of room key either by guest or by hotel staff must be taken seriously
  • Check room key on regular basis. Conduct timely inventory.
  • Master keys and grand master key should be handled by authorized person only.
  • Maintain a log book to issue master key.
  • For the security region provide Key Card with the room key. It helps to identify guest.
  • Strict control of the master key. Housekeeping staff are forbidden to open guest room. Until authorized no employee except bell boys, room service personnel, housekeeping are supposes to enter guest rooms.
  • Do not forgot to collect room key form departed guest.
  • The key for the connecting rooms should be kept separately.
  • Now many modern hotels use electronic key system for better security. Maintain proper record and identify of the electronic key and the guest.

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