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Important questions Answer of Front Office-Grade XII | Hotel Management

Front Office

Short answer questions

  1. Discuss the purpose of reservation. [5]

Ans: A hotel sales accommodation and catering services. The service is intangible, immovable and storing is not possible, and service is a process. So service buying and selling is not “one time one action”. Service is a process. It takes duration and time to receive service. Service sold for certain time. Customer has right over the service for certain agreed time. To solve these problems service industry practice reservation system. The reservation is an agreement between client and guest for the service provided in future. Due to the special nature of service as mentioned hotel should practice the reservation system.

  • Hotel room are non-storable, which cannot be sold tomorrow. It needs to be sold in advance and to sale in advance requires reservation system. So reservation is a hotel product sales process.
  • The reservation is a proof what customer has bought and what are the services hotel has agreed to provide. The reservations record works as a legal proof to buy and sale.
  • Maintaining a reservation record helps management to forecast the future sale and maximize room occupancy.
  • Helps to sale room rate at best price. Maximization of revenue.
  • Reservation Request is communication system also. It provides information about the guest which helps to provide service as guest requirement.
  • Special features of tourism product such as immovability, intangible (service), ownership is non-transferable, limited space, production and sale is closely interrelated, etc. So its buying and selling process is different from other industry. The reservation is the buying and selling process.
  • Helps to minimize the chances of skippers.
  • Support to collect payment in advance.
  • Reservation express the time duration a customer is entitled to receive service.
  • Reservation provides guarantee of service to the guest. So creates trust and increase goodwill of the hotel.
  • It helps guest to plan their tour.

Finally, it can be concluded that the reservation system differentiates between local hotel and tourist hotel.

  1. Explain the various sources of reservation in brief. [5]

Ans: A hotel receives reservation from different sources. The source of reservation is also known as market in hotel industry. They are customers, agents, guests and it may receive reservation request a from the central reservation system known as CRS. Some big hotels are the members of Global Distribution System and they receive information form the system.

  • Airlines
  • Wholesaler
  • Tour operator, travel agents- local and foreign
  • Business houses
  • Embassies/ Consulates/ Institutions/ INGO/ Ministries
  • Hotels as business partner or chain hotel receives reservation request from head office of from Branch office/ Hotel representatives
  • UN/ UN Projects/ Companies/ Banks etc.
  1. Define travelers cheque and explain consideration while accepting. [5]

Ans: A guest settles his bills by different methods (Mode of payment). One of them is Travelers cheque.

Travelers Cheque: are one of the most popular mode of payment in modern world. It is offered by banks to the customers upon the payment of the amount mentioned on it. The travelers use these cheques for the payment of their bills. While receiving the travelers cheque the cashier checks the signature and re-checks it with the passport and passport details maintain proper record as per government regulation.

  • Check the detail that is not a fake check. The quality of paper, print quality, etc. helps to differentiate fake and genuine cheque.
  • Ask guest to sign in front of you. Do not accept pre-signed cheque.
  • Check the last signature with present signature, counter check the signature with passport.
  • Passport detail and cheque detail need to match.
  • Only owner and owner can sign the cheque.
  • Follow government rule regarding foreign currency.
  • Maintain proper record of each cheque received.
  1. Write an enquiry letter to Hotel Royale for booking a double room from October 23 to 26, 2017. [5]

Ans:                                       Thamel Travel Pvt. Ltd.



Mr/ Madam,

Reservation in charge

Hotel Royal

Date: 10th September, 2017

Subject: Hotel Room Booking

Dear, Mr./ Madam,

Please book and confirm rooms as follows and let’s know us by return mail.

Reference No. 042007 KATH.

Date of Arrival: 23rd Oct by IC 407

Date of Departure: 26th Oct by IC 408

Total nights: 3 night 4 days

Room: one double room

Plan: EP Plan

Please let’s know the rate of double room and extra facilities included in the rate.

In addition to above please forward your promotional materials for long term relationship. Attached here are the brochures and information of our travel agency.

Looking forward to welcome you and serve.

Yours Sincerely

Ram Kumar

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