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Important Notes of Botany – Leucoplast | HA


Leucoplast are colorless plastid are basically found in stroess organics which do not receive light underground stem, root and other developing cell. They are of three types.

  • Amiloplast: They are those leucoplast which store starch.
  • Lipoplast: They are associated with the stories lipid and sound in seeds.
  • Proteinplast: They are the protein storing leucoplasts which mostly occur in seeds and contain few thylakoids.

Function of Leucoplast

Leucoplast are mainly concerned with storage are various kind or reserve such are carbohydrates lipids and proteins.

Endoplasmic Reticulum (E/R)

E/R is present endoplasmic reticulum in all the eukaryotic cells are it is absent in carious on the basic of present or absent of ribosome they are classic two type.

i. Smooth Endoplasmic reticulum.

SER/ Aarnulars E/R

ii. Ropugh or granular endoplasmic reticumum RER/ Granular E/R

Difference between SER and RER

Absent of ribosome Present of ribosome
Related with lipid synthesis. Related with protein synthesis.
They are present hear cell membrane. They are present hear hucleus.
They are mambly present it lipid forment cells. Membly present it protein for cell.
They are habit more tubules. They mean have cisternae.

Structure ER has three types.

i. Cisternae:

They are long narrow structures which are layered and unbranched. They are present one about another. They are mammly found in the cells which have syndic roles such as the cells of pancreas, notochord, brain etc.
ii. Vesicles:

They are oval bacuollar structure present in cytoplasm in mamles. They are mostly found in pancreatic cells.

iii. Tubules:

They are white tubelight branched structure which are with out ribosome. They are mammly found present lipid forming cells.

Functions of ER

– ER helps synthesis of biomolecules i.e. proteins and lipid.

– ER helping circulation of protein and other substances.

– ER is helpful in formation of nuclear membrane telophase of cell division.

– ER also helps to from cell pleat during cytokinesis in plant mainly have cisternae.

– ER helps in formation of primary lysosome.

– ER has 30 degree different types of enzymes which are useful during biosynthesis and biomolecules.

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