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Important Notes of Botany – HA | Health Assistant

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Cell organelles

  1. Mitochondria


Mitochondria is double membranious structure the membrances are made up lipoproteins. The outer membrane it smooth were as inner membrane is the folding membrane are christen or in falings inner membrane consists are apro particles or oryids it help in oryidesen an phosphorylation during respiration process. The chamber in closed by inner membrane by consists or granular dens practical or substances or cold as matrix consists of RNA and DNA ribosome proteins lipids inorganic substance an enzymes which are necessary during respiration.

The mitochondria are present in all animals and plant cells they are absent in are be sees of mammals. Mitochondria helps is repression therefore it is also known as the power house of the cell during repression atopies are produces the mitochondria also help in synthesis of amino acids.

It is a type of plastid and found in all photo cells of plants the chloroplast are disced cell they can be spiral ribbo like reticulate or cup – shaped.


The chloroplast are bounded by double membrane the membranes are smooth leucoprotein, membrance enclose matrix or stroma the matrin is colorless granular it contains proteins ribosome DNA minerals water and enzymes. Its site of drunk greaction or photosynthesis. The stroma lamellae interconnects the grana. The grana are disc site structure which is also called are thylakoid it is the site of light reaction of photosynthesis it consists of chlorophyll, other pigment. The membrane of thylakoids enzymes which are required the photosynthesis.

Function of chloroplast

  • Major function is of photosynthesis.
  • The greic plant prevent global warmng utilizing CO2 during photosynthesis.
  • They are useful in synthesisi or fatty acids in some plants.
  • The greaic plant acids an carbondioxide in the balance in the biosphere.


They are color plastid which contain different pigments other than green. They are present in color parts of plants such as flowers, fruits seeds etc.

Function of Chromoplast

Chromoplast make the flowers and fruits attractive insects and they help in polinal and disposal of seeds.

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