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Important Long Questions Answer of Hotel Management – Chapter -2 | Grade XI

Table of Contents

Introduction to Hotel

Long Answer Questions

  1. Attitude of a service staff is more valuable than the hospitality knowledge and skill. Explain. [10]

Ans: In hospitality industry the image, quality, personality, efficiency, etc. of staffs determines the quality of the service, as service is provided by the people in the organization. The personality, the appearance, dress, etc. of a member of staff makes a big difference. Hospitality is service and service is provided by staff. So quality of the staff is the quality of service and quality of the product.

As it is said that first impression is the last impression, so the dress, appearance, cheerfulness and the way of greeting are the first impression a customer receives. The quality of service staff in any establishment reflects the quality of the establishment. No matter how good the food and ambience are, poorly trained, untidy or rude members of staff can antagonize customers. On the other hand, if the staffs are well-trained and efficient, they can, to a certain extent, make up for other shortcomings in the services provided.

  • Personal Grooming: All tourism staffs should be well groomed. An appropriate clean dress is always a must. If uniforms are there it must be clean and neatly pressed. Respect your uniforms. This gives a sense of well being and confidence to do the jobs efficiently. Try to be best seen all the time. If official uniform is not prescribed proper code of dress should be practiced. The use of dark glass indoor is not considered well mannered. Excessive use of jewelry by service staff is not appreciated.
  • Good Conduct: All service staff should have good conduct. They should be well mannered and respectful to guests, and to senior members. They should be calm, pleasant, cheerful and smiling even in the most difficult circumstances. They should always be polite and should not lose the temper.
  • Physical Fitness: A good physical appearance and fitness is a very big asset in tourism as it requires a long hours of work, and need always active. It creates interest/ attraction to the customers. Being continuous alertness, standing working position, etc. makes a staff mentally and physically tired. They come under tremendous pressure. Thus they should have high degree of tolerance for pressure of work and be calm and composed at all times.
  • Cheerfulness: A smile is considered the mirror of mind. So a tourism member staff must always have a cheerful smile. It helps them to be relax, enjoy, feel comfortable and develops trust.
  • Confidence: The staffs should be able to solve any problem that may arise. For this purpose they should be intelligent, logical, rational and knowledgeable. They must have confidence and must be tactful to solve the problems. Education, training, knowledge and experience will increase the smoothness of job and will develop confidence will increase the smoothness of job and will develop confidence.
  • Punctuality: is the most admirable quality among service personnel. For this purpose they should follow a timetable.
  • Good Conduct: Truthfulness honesty, sincerity, etc. are the added qualities required for the member staffs.
  • Communication Skill: One must have good command over the language in which they communicate. It is preferable that you know more one language, as you are dealing with different nationalities.
  • Salesmanship: In tourism industry every member of staff represents the organization and every one is a sales staff. Everyone should try to sale the services offered by the country, region, culture, nature, organization. What else a visitor can enjoy.
  • Good Memory: A good memory helps to improves ones performance.
  • Responsibility: All service staff should be able to cope with the demands of the job and possess the ability to assume responsibility. Passing-words are not allowed in tourism. Do not blame other.
  • Loyalty: Cutting down on costs and maximizing the revenue of the establishment should be of prime importance to all members of staff. Similarly, a tourism staffs should be loyal to the country, culture and nature.
  • Diplomacy: is the most essential attribute required in front office. Very often there are situations when a guest is too demanding and irritating, then diplomacy in dealing helps in defusing the explosive moment. A diplomatic approach is the only way by which the guest can be pacified. Many customers do not like to listen to “No”. the staff must answer negative answers in a diplomatic way.

Tourism staffs are the ambassadors of the country. They represent the people of the country. So they must present positive picture of the country, society, culture. Learn to respect the nature. Foreigners never respect the people who not respect own country and culture.

  1. Discuss the role of operational departments of hotels and mention their sections. [10]

Ans: A hotel different sections specialized for different functions. The hotel is known as a place to stay and food. To stay or for accommodation two departments Front Office and House Keeping departments are responsible. For the purpose of production Food Production and Food and Beverage Service departments are there. In this way a hotel has four sections they are:

  1. Housekeeping: This section manages and maintain the cleanliness of the guest room and public areas like lobby, passage, flower arrangement etc. This unit is responsible to every aspect of a guest room that is to provide all the required materials in a room and maintain security.
  • Linear
  • Floor supervisor
  • Night area supervisor
  • Public area supervisor
  • Horticulturist
  1. Front Office: This section is responsible public relation, reservation, registration, reception, maintain records and to collect dues. This unit receives the guest, do check-in and provide information and communicate with other concerned service units such as food and beverage, housekeeping, lobby, account, etc. This unit manages room keys.
  • Telephone operation
  • Reservation
  • Information
  • Reception
  • Front office cashier
  1. Food and Beverage Service: The main job of this department is to prepare food and serve the food. This job includes food planning and management of the groceries. They calculate the cost price and prepare menu and try to maintain cost control their service part includes maintaining hygiene. Their most important job includes serving the food beverage. This department is divided into two different jobs; Food Production and Restaurants:
  • Bar
  • Banquet
  • Coffee shop
  • Room service
  • Restaurant
  1. Food Production/ Kitchen: This department is responsible for production of food. It prepares the food and get ready to serve. They make purchase, specification, maintain stock, develop new idea find out the cost and develop menu. They must manage waste and maintain proper hygiene. Above sections are supported by marketing, account, engineering, human resources departments.
  • Commissar
  • Grade
  • Entrimetier
  • Saucier
  • Patisserie

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