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Importance of Organization Chart – Hotel Management – Chapter -2 | Grade XI

Table of Contents

Introduction to Hotel

Short Answer Questions

  1. Explain the Importance of Organization Chart. [5]

Ans: Hotel is a business organization. It must be operated as an organized way. For the purpose of proper functioning an organizational chart is developed to describe the responsibility, duty, position, etc. of every department and staffs. The chart explains the size of the business, mentions the different departments, their responsibility, flow of power and communication, etc.

Sound organization structure is important due for the following reasons:

  • Chain of Command – Organizational Chart supports administration by explaining the flow of command. It eliminates the duplication of command. It shows who the subordinates are and who are seniors.
  • Flow of Responsibility – By the help of organization chart, staffs will know their position in the organization, role, importance and they will know to whom and for what he is responsible.
  • Official Hierarchy – The organization chart will explain the official position of each individual staff. It explains the set up of the office. It helps to develop official discipline, which is most important for the successful operation of the business.
  • Duty – The other important function of the chart is to explain the duty of each staff and his responsibility within the organization to fulfill the goal of the enterprise.
  • Area of responsibility – Of each individuals and department is defined by the help of the chart. The clear demarcation of the responsibility will save the duplication of job  and wastage of material and effort.
  • Harmonious Relation – Within different departments and between the employees, clear understanding of each one’s position and responsibility. Develops the friendship between the staffs and departments and will help to attain the business goal.
  • Diagnosis of the Problem – A clear organizational chart helps management to pin point where the problem is and who or which department is responsible for the failure. It helps to punish and reward.

The process of organization is the proves by which relationship of each individual and departments are defined. It is done by the help of Organizational Chart. So, it is the structure of duties and activities necessary to conduct business.

  1. Draw an organization chart of a large hotel showing different sections of the department. [5]


  1. Explain the Welfare catering and its service. [5]

Ans: The word catering is from the word “cater” which means to serve. Catering refers to food and drinks service. Catering Industry is sometimes referred to as hospitality industry providing food, drinks and in certain section accommodation also. Modern catering not only includes food but is also includes “environment” that is food for pleasure, food for pleasure, food for test etc.

Welfare catering is non-profit organization providing food to the people. Some religious organizations have some provisions to provide substantial food. Offering catering facilities for religious purpose was started long time back in religious centers such as Dharmasalas, but the concept of welfare state was started only after 1948. The welfare catering includes hospitals, schools, college, the armed forces, YMCA, YWCA, etc. These type of organizations are also called institutional catering.

  1. Explain the Hospitality and its service nature. [5]

Ans: Literal meaning of hospitality is looking after guests or taking care of guests is a friendly and generous manner. Hospitality industry includes all companies involved in providing service for guests that is lodging, fooding and beverage and other recreational activities. This is the part of the tourism industry, which is the largest civilian industry in this modern world employing one out of every ten active workers world-wide. Hospitality is service industry. Being service hospitality has following natures:

  1. Intangible: Services cannot be seen, touched, tested, felt, heard or smelled and measured but is realized by the receiver. Byers cannot feel, test, service beforehand.
  2. Inseparability: In most of the services both the service provider’s and the customer must be presented for the transaction to occur. Service cannot be delivered to customer’s door through the channels of distribution. To receive service consumers are brought to the Point of Service Delivery (POSD).
  3. Variability/ Heterogeneity: Services are highly variable. Each consumer perceives service differently each time. The quality of service not only depends, how when, where and by whom they are provided but also how customer receives it.
  4. Perishability: Service cannot be stored. Unused service of today cannot be sold next day. Service cannot be produced and stored and sale from a shop when a customer is ready to buy.
  5. Service is a process: Service takes time to deliver or consume. Buy and sell is “not one time one action”. Marketing and sells is extended to the end of consumption. To receive service consumer not only pay money but also devote time.
  • Service is based on duration. Tangible goods are measured or weighted but intangible goods are measured duration. It needs to be consumed within agreed time duration.
  • Sale does not mean charge of ownership.

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