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Hotel Management – Grade XII | Important Questions Answer

Front Office

Short answer questions

  1. Write a regret letter to Yeti Travels for their 15 double room booking from October 10-13, 2001. [10]

Ans:                                                                       Hotel Thamel



Yeti Travels

Reservation Manager


Date: 5th September 2001

Subject: Hotel Room Booking

Dear Sir,

Thank you for your letter dated 4th September 2001 to reserve and confirm fifteen double bed rooms from October 10-13, for 3 nights.

We are pleased to receive your reservation request on time but we are very sorry to inform you that the hotel is heavily overbooked during the time of your request. So the rooms you have requested are waitlisted now. At eh same time we request you to plan alternative dates any time for the month of December. We provide discount for the months of January and February. If the alternative dates are not suitable we can arrange reservation in our sister hotel which is located in the same area.

Hoping to get an opportunity to serve you

Yours Sincerely

Ram Kumar

Reservation In-charge

  1. Name various mode of reservation giving advantages of any one mode. [10]

Ans: A hotel receives booking through different media. A guest may contact directly to the hotel and request for reservation or one may contact agent to book on their behalf. One may present physically or may use different modes of communication. Whatever may the media they must be treated as equal important. They must be noted down and duly responded. Written documents are best to eliminate the future misunderstanding.

  1. Direct Reservation: Many times guests reserve hotel services directly. They use different mode of communications.
  • Personal and verbal request: Guest may present in the hotel personally and request for future reservation or for friends and for families. This is a walk-in method of reservation. Here two communication is possible and is very helpful to provide personalized service.
  • Letters: It is a written request for reservation. It is sent through post, courier, or hand delivered. It is the best and easy method for record keeping. At one time it was the most common method but now days is time consuming so advised to use e-mail or fax. To save and to maintain standardization many travel agents use to use printed Hotel Reservation Request.
  • Telephone call: This is direct method of communication so two-way communication is possible. It provided personalized service. During the conversation it is necessary to note down all the details.
  • Email, internet, computer: Guests may communicate their reservation through electronic medias for communication. These are very fast and store all the communication. These are very easy to manage.
  • Fax: This is a electronic method of sending letters. This method saves time.
  1. Agents or Indirect Mode of reservation: Many times a hotel receives reservation form agents, airlines or from business house on behalf of their guest. Most often hotel does agreement with agents in advance. So they are familiar with hotel information, rate, service, etc. the agents may use any methods as mentioned above or a hotel can do long term contract or agreement so that they need not forward reservation every time. This is a open booking system.
  2. CRS (Computer Reservation System): Many hotels are connected to special web site, where guests or agents can visit and connect for reservation. This is the most advance and modern technology. They are very useful for marketing, reservation and record keeping. A hotel can down load pictures and full information about hotel.
  3. Write a letter to Mr. R. Clark, RDM, Park Hotel at Andheri, in Mumbai enquiring reservation of accommodation for a couple with a child below 12 years for April 10, 2004 for a fortnight. [10]

Ans:                                                                           Hotel Thamel



Mr, R. Clark

RDM Park Hotel

Andheri, Mumbai

Date: 10th March 2004

Subject: Hotel Room Booking

Dear, Mr. Clark

Please book and confirm rooms as follows

Reference No: 042007 KATH.

Date of Arrival: 10th April by IC 407

Date of Departure: 25th April by IC 408

Total nights: 15 nights

Room: Two double room with one extra bed.

Plan: Bed and Breakfast

Please let’s know the rate of double room and extra bed if applicable and extra facilities included in the rate.

In addition to above please forward your promotional materials for long term relationship. Attached here are the brochures and information of our hotel.

Looking forward to welcome you and serve.

Yours Sincerely

Ram Kumar

Reservation In-charge

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