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Health, Population, Environment – SEE Exam Paper 2075

Health, Population, Environment

Compulsory Health, Population and Environment Education – SEE 2075 (2019) Exam Paper

Group A

Write very short answers to the following questions.

  1. What is meant by biological aspect?
  2. What would be the population density of Nepal if the total population is 2, 64, 94, 504?
  3. Write the example of any one basic aspect neeeded for development.
  4. In which geographical region of Nepal The Prithibi Highway is located?
  5. Mention any one contribution of family size for attaining quality of life.
  6. Which part of Yarshagumba is used as medicine?
  7. Which virus causes stomach cancer?
  8. What do mean by spontaneous abortion?
  9. Under which type of health service does the long-term treatment for patient fall?
  10. Write any one sign to recognize that someone has got poisoned.
  11. Why is tourniquet used while snake-bite?

Group B

Write short answer of the following questions.

12. How is health, population and environment related to the political aspect?

13. The mid year population of any place was 60,000 in 2068 B.S. At the same time 1,200 people inmigrated and 700 outmigrated. Find ourt the net migration rate of the place.


Write four effect on housing by population growth.

14. Write the role of employment in the activities of population, environment and development.

15. How does the biological aspect of mountain region depend upon its physical aspect? Explain in brief.

16. What are the aspects that should be taken in consideration from the point of view of health in order to maintain quality of life in family? Write any four aspects.

17. Name any four rare plants of Nepal and give introduction of anyone of them.


Write any four effects caused by the deterioration of bio-diversity.

18. Prepare the list of the diseases which are communicated by contaminated food and water. Write the symptoms of any one of them.

19. Briefly describe the services included in the safe motherhood.

20. How can we minimize the bad sex habit spread is the society?


Clarify the importance of rehabilitative health service in Nepal.

Group C

Write long answer of the following questions.

21. Introduce the Golden Michelia and mention any four reasons for its rareness and four conservational measures of it.

22. Mention any seven measures to mitigate the effects of modernization in hilly region in Nepal.

23. Write any four adverse effects on biodiversity and write any three measures of conservation.

24. “Community health problems can be addressed through the provision of health education.” Justify.

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