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Gretel – Summary | The Heritage of Words

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Garrison Keillor


Gretel had to get half of the profits earned by selling the book, but Hanse’s lawyers put her under a spell and make her sign a new contract. It said that she would get a very little money and that the book was pure imagination.

Hansel was presented as a strong and capable hero and Gretel as a weak sister. The father was shown as a loving person and the mother as the wicked stepmother, who forced him to give them up in the jungle.

But Hansel had been incapable of doing anything. She had beaten him to make him walk. Gretel had cried because she had to carry him on her back. The father was not a loving person. He would get drunk. Gladys, the stepmother, could not do anything without his permission. It was his idea to give them up in the jungle. In those days would be fed by birds or animals or persons. Gretel was not worried because of such hope. Although it was a very hard experience, not a single child suffered permanently and such a child would become a better person. Hansel and their father lived comfortably in a great building and Gretel and Gladys had no house of their own. And the witch suffered most.  Now Gretel felt sorry for the witch because she had pushed her without a good reason. She was not after her. She was after Hansel and she wanted to make a new statement. Gretel would have understood the witch’s point of view.

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