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The Great Answer – Four Levels of Interpretation | Flax Golden Tales

The Great Answer – Four Levels of Interpretation | Flax-Golden Tales

The Great Answer - Fulton Oursler, USA (1893-1952)

The Great Answer – Fulton Oursler, USA (1893-1952)

Literal Comprehension

The event took place during the Second World War. The German police were following the Nazi armies. The refugees were staying in boarding houses and they were thinking to go to America crossing the Spanish border. Among them, there were a young lady and her 4 years old daughter. A man from the underground came and told the lady to come to the appointed place because he was going to lead the refugees over the mountain, down to safety and freedom. When she came, she saw a group of people of different ages. The leader told all of them to trust in God.

At the beginning of the journey, young and middle-aged helped to carry the lady’s child. While they were climbing higher and higher the three old men, one after another gave up. And each time the leader asked them to use the last drop energy to carry the child. The three old men reached Spain in the morning safely. They found new life, new strength and the new world of freedom. Surely here is the great answer for the riddle (difficult to understand) of life.


The story is showing us that to help others ultimately becomes a help to ourselves. The three old men were tired and they were in such condition that they were unable to go forward. But as they carried the child one by one in such condition, they reached in the place of safety. They found a new file, new strength and a new world of freedom. It is also showing us that life is full of various problems and challenges. Instead of running away from them, we should try our best to solve them, if we do so, we might get new strength and new life. The story may also be trying to tell us about the great answer to the problem of life. It tells us that one should keep on doing work up to the eleventh hour (last time) of life.

Critical Thinking

Although the story is very interesting to read, there are some points in the story with which I don’t agree. But how can the weakest and oldest person keep on carrying the child so long when he himself cannot walk? This is the selfish world. So I don’t think that people believe in the help to others becomes a help to ourselves. In the story, the leader tells to everyone that although it is a long and difficult path, God will help them. If so, can we complete our every work just believing in God?


This story has changed the mode of my life. Before reading the story, I used to escape from any kinds of problems in life. But after reading the story, I came to understand that one should not escape from the dangers and hardships of life rather we should dare to solve any problems and challenges with courage. If we should dare to solve any problems and challenges with courage. If we keep on trying to solve the problems, sooner or later we can solve any kinds of problems in life.

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