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Why Go To University? – Four Levels of Interacting | Flax Golden Tales

Why Go To University? – Four Levels of Interacting | Flax-Golden Tales

Why Go To University? (Moti Nissani, USA 1947)

Why Go To University? (Moti Nissani, USA 1947)

Literal Comprehension:

This suggestive essay “Why Go To University?” has been written by versatile American writer, Moti Nissani. Though there are few disadvantages to it. There is a good chance to get a job for the educated one. University education becomes the backbone in job promotion and qualification. Second, we can solve various persona, social as well as national problems if we can be achieved by other by rubbery, the social evils and superstitions easily. The educated persons have good prestige and respect in the society since they are the pillars of national development.

Mental horizon is widened so that thinking, attitudes, and characters have also become hospitable and cultured one. Social horizon is enlarged with the help of university education. Again, internal satisfaction and self-understanding are possible for this education. Getting an education at university is good for mental exercise too. The world and its multiple aspects, ecology, human life and environment, political, cultural changes are possible to understand with the help of university education. Likewise, there are ample of such advantages in acquiring university education in our life.


Some of us are taking university education without knowing its true purposes but for formality. Some of the people have not taken this education being unknown about the multiple advantages of acquiring it. Real education for our life and career is possible from a university education. Our interest must be positive and we must have earnest desire to get this education for our bright future. The essay might be trying to tell that civilized and cultured life can be attained with the university education. We educated and uneducated people must change our attitude towards university education. Because only truly aware and educated person can understand what a life really is?

Critical Thinking:

We cannot deny the ideas given as the advantageous points in gaining a university education. Besides, we can raise some disagreeable points against the writer. Are educated people really respected in the money? Do they really get the chances or opportunities and jobs? Can all levels of people gain university education? Can we find the ideals of education in Nepali universities? Has not the politic spoiled actual ethics of university education? Can only knowledge give life? But other positive are aspects are acceptable ideas.


After reading this essay I widened my mental horizon as said by the writer. Since there is no good political system or true democratic system in Nepal, most of our leaders are not getting a university education; so democracy has not been developed. Again, I knew that besides getting a job there are many more advantages in getting a university education. The true political system can be established with the help of university education and the true utilization of it. I got new insight that why one should get university education after reading this essay.

Q. Do you agree with Moti Nissani’s view on “Why Go To University?” Explain. Why or why not?


Discuss your views about going to university. Do you agree/ disagree with the writer? Why? Is he overselling, underselling or providing a balanced view of higher education?

Ans: Yes, I agree with the writer’s view. He says that education is the backbone of human so it has a great value in human life. He also highlights that education is the light of life. It flourishes our social, economic, physical, moral and mental prosperity so that it removes narrow-mindedness and superstitions. University education not only helps to earn money and get good job and opportunities but it also reforms our character, culture and national prosperity and even all human civilization.

The valuable points are given by Moti Nissani about going to university have influenced me. It is true that university education helps to promote a person’s life in terms of reason, tolerant, humbleness, and thoughtfulness. Such education centralizes the health as we know that health is wealth. Therefore, it gives the knowledge to take care of our health properly and sincerely. Higher education also provides social pride and respect and it makes people self-confident. Another importance of university education is that it makes our social horizons broader because going to university helps to make new friends from different cultural backgrounds. This education provides knowledge about the universe, natural phenomena, and eco-system. It also makes us understand the close relationship between education and democracy.

In this way, the writer has given logical and reasonable expression regarding the multiple benefits of university education. I agree with the views of the writer since they are related to everyone’s life.

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Q. What are the advantages and disadvantages of going for university education according to Moti Nissani?

Ans: The advantages and disadvantages of going for university education according to Moti Nissani are given below:


  • University education is not suitable for everybody because of its expensiveness.
  • Engaging in university education kills our time form earning money and financial development.
  • Such education brings forth unnecessary tension and mental burdens.
  • Being indifference to university education is a way of being satisfied: the more one knows, the serious our life becomes.
  • Sometimes such education becomes lingering of time than productivity.


  • University education is used to have a higher social standard, prosperous life, highly improved income and quality of life.
  • Higher education is a guardian to avoid a number of socio-cultural, economic problems by extending multi-faced ideas so that educated person rarely be cheated rather masters in everything.
  • Since education and health are interrelated ideas, education helps people to have a healthy life.
  • Educational sectors and institutions are all mental fields; therefore better education leads us to have a better mind and better thinking.
  • Education makes a person self-dependent or self-sufficient so that educated people are supposed to be ideal and reputed persons in society.
  • Having interest is a way to progress, so interest in learning the new thing is ever encouraged by higher education by nourishing the varieties of books.
  • Being a social creature, human gets widen the social horizon with the help of higher education.
  • Again, education is a strong tool for personal freedom to differentiate what is right and what is wrong. It means, the knowledge or educated people examine everything critically and reasonably.
  • Through the educational process, we are acknowledged about co-existence in the universe. It is the educated person who understands that all species of the earth are equally important for existence.
  • Since there is an interrelationship between democracy and education university education purifies and makes a matured democracy. In short, there are limitless advantages of the University of education despite its few drawbacks. It is the higher education that helps to lead quality, independent, healthy and reasonable life. So the Nissani’s ideas are fully supported here.

Q. Condense the main point of “Why Go To University?” into a single sentence.

Ans: Moti Nissani is trying to tell us that one should go to the university not only for degree and certificate but also for political, cultural, intellectual, socio-economic reasons.

Q. Summarize “Why Go To University?” in a single paragraph.

Ans: This essay is about education. There are many reasons why one should go to university. The primary reasons are that higher education has many social benefits. If it not only increases opportunities for career advancement but the nations’ property, power and prosperity depend on the educational level presiding there. Education makes us more likely to resolve his/ her problems and conflicts in a rational manner than the uneducated ones. Educated people can lead his/ her society and meaningful life. University education also develops self-confidence and expands social horizons. It also makes us less dogmatic about our beliefs of others. Higher education brings out a great awareness, enlightenment and logical power towards politics.

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