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Foundations of Human Resource Management Exam Paper 2075

4 years BBS second year exam paper 2075 of Foundations of Human Resource Management (MGT 2016). This is the exam paper of Foundations of Human Resource Management 2075. You can find here all the examinations model questions paper, exam papers, solutions and notes for your exam. Stay with us for latest updates.

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B.B.S. 4 Yrs .Prog ./ II Year / MGMT |Full Marks : 100

Foundations of Human Resource Management (MGT 216) | Time: 3 hrs.

Candidates are required to give their answer in their own words as far as practicable .

The figure in the margin indicates full marks.

Group ” A ”

Brief Answer Question

Attempt All questions. [10X2=20]
1. What do you means by human resource management ?

2. Define two characteristics of human resources management ?

3. What do you mean by quality work life ?

4. Stats the meaning of job ?

5. Differentiate between recruitment and selection of employees?

6. Stats on the job training ?

7. What do you mean by frustration?

8. What do you mean by employee discipline?

9. List out the actors of employee discipline ?

10. Define labor disputes ?


Group “B”

Descriptive Answer Question

Attempt FIVE questions. [5×10=50]

11. Define human resource management . Describe the major functions of human resource management.

12. Explain various approaches to human resources planning.

13. Define job analysis. Explain the job focused and parsons behavior techniques of job analysis.

14. Define reliability and validity in selection text.

15. Explain the concept and validity in sections test.

16. What do you understands by labor relation? Explain in the feather of trade union Act.

Group “C”

Attempt any TWO questions

17. Managing human resources in an organization is not only challenging but also difficult. As a human resource managers what challenges do you have to face ?

18. Employees motivation is important for increasing their performance and productivity. in light of this statement , discuss equity theory of motivation.

19. Explain the compensation practices in Nepalese’s organizations.

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