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Foundations of Human Resource Management 2074 | Question Paper | 4 Years Program

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Tribhuvan University


B.B.S. 4 Years. Program/ II Year/ Management                                      Full Marks: 100

Foundations of Human Resource Management (MGT 216)                  Time: 3 hrs.

Candidates are required to give their answers in their own words as far as practicable.
The figures in the margin indicate full marks.

Group “A”

Brief Answer Questions [10×2=20]

Attempt ALL questions.

1. Give the meaning of ‘Quality of work life’ as a outcome of HRM.

2. Define succession planning.

3. What do you mean by job description?

4. What is achievement test in selection?

5. How test and re-test method is used to evaluate training effectiveness?

6. Mention the three needs that was propounded by David Mc Clelland in his achievement theory of motivation.

7. State the concept of ‘alternative ranking method’ of performance appraisal.

8. Point out the external factors that affect in the determination of compensation.

9. List out the attendance-related disciplinary problems.

10. Give that brief concept of ‘Open door Policy’ of handling employee grievances.

Group “B”

Descriptive Answer Questions [5×10=50]

Attempt FIVE questions.

11. Give the concept of human resource management and explain the functions of human resource management.

12. What do you mean by job analysis? Explain the techniques of job analysis.

13. What is employee selection? Make distinction between recruitment and selection.

14. What is human resource of development? Explain the importance of human resource development.

15. What is job satisfaction? Explain the factors related to job satisfaction.

16. Define compensation. Explain factors that determine compensation.

Group “C”

Analytical Answer Questions [2×15=30]

Attempt any TWO questions.

17. Success in formulating right type of human resource planning ‘decides the success career of human resource manager. In line with this perspective discuss the characteristics of human resource planning and the methods of forecasting demand for human resource.

18. What is performance appraisal? Discuss the various methods of performance appraisal and explain how these methods are applying in Nepalese organizations?

19. What are the causes of employee grievances? Explain the procedures for handling employee grievances.

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