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Food and Beverage Service Related Questions Answer | Hotel Management | Grade XI

Table of Contents

Chapter – 4: Food and Beverage Service

Short Answer Questions

  1. Why is briefing held in food and beverage department of a hotel? Discuss. [5]

Ans: Briefing is a meeting of the food and beverage service staff prior to the opening of the restaurant. In the briefing sessions the senior member of the restaurant gives instructions, checks on certain aspects of service and receives suggestions o0f problems from the staff. In this session the senor will introduce with push item, special item, any VIP arrival, etc. It is to are the main objectives of briefing.

The restaurant in charge or the senior most will organize the briefing. He normally checks for the above point during briefing. It is to prepare the staff ready to serve. Motivating, encouraging, team buildup are the main objectives of briefing. They must discuss the problems faced by staff, physical weakness or mental problems. Doubts among staff must be listened, give due respect to suggestions from staff and complaints. Their leave, holiday, over time must be planned. During this session a personal hygiene, grooming, service equipment are checked, and instructions are given if there is any. The team must be familiar with non-availability of the certain items, specific dish of the day staffs, know the important event and function of the day, special function in the house, VVIP guest in the house. In the same meeting they plan for the next day, roster, and organize short training to new comers about new menu items, knowing menu, and setting table cover. Checking the grooming of subordinated are also done during this session.

  1. Explain the difference between coffee shop and fine dining restaurant. [5]

Ans: Coffee Shop: Coffee shops in luxury hotels are often the only venue where one can get a decent meal or snack long time after other restaurants have closed. This outlet is open twenty-four hours for service. It generally serves pre-plated food that is the food ready in the plate to be served. The prices in this outlet are usually not as high as in a fine dining restaurant in the hotel. Dining in a coffee shop is a causal affair, and many coffee shops have a list of enthusiastic regulars.

Fine dining restaurants: Service in a find dining restaurant is both formal and stylish. The prices tend to be high as compared to coffee shop because of its higher overheads. The menu may be on a la carte, buffer or a Table d hotel. Waiters should be highly skilled and specialized and specialized to provide service.

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