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Flax Golden Tales – All Chapters Summary | Four Levels of Interactions

Flax-Golden Tales – All Chapters Summary | Four Levels of Interactions

About Flax-Golden Tales

Literal Comprehension:

We should write literal meaning i.e. we should write who wrote the story when it was written but we shouldn’t write hidden meaning in literal comprehension.


We should write the hidden meaning of the text in the interpretation. We should write the intention of the writer i.e. what the writer wants to show writing the given text.

Critical Thinking:

We have to show the strengths and weaknesses of the literary text. We should mention what statements of the text we accept or reject and what positive and negative aspects you find in the text. We should mention language, style, sentence formation, etc. in critical thinking.


We should include what effect we have after reading the text. We should write our personal feeling. We can write a similar story related to the given text in assimilation.

Unit-1: Invitation

Unit-2: Ancient Tales

Unit-3: Education

Unit-4: Action and Consequences

Unit-5: Television

Unit-6: Cross-Cultural Bridges

Unit-7: Cultural Anthropology

Unit-8:  The Human Condition

Unit-9: Natural Science

Unit-10: Humor and Satire

Unit-11: Critical and Creative Thinking

Unit-12: Drama

Unit-13: Love

Unit-14: Life and Death

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