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Fear – Summary | Magic of Words

Unit-1 Stories of the Supernatural

Chapter-3: Fear: Story from Mexico


Fear is a supernatural story that discusses human fear, created from doubt and love self-stem (respect). Internal fear is more dangerous than exterior fear. People mostly face fear because of money and fear results in shelf-destruction are the central message for this story. Unreal fear and its adverse effect on Mr. Gonzalez by assuming that his suspect and fear real made this story supernatural.

Armando Gonzalez and his wife Eva have collected 50,000 pesos by working hard for 20 years. They have planned to by working hard for 20 years. They have planned to buy a beautiful house to live peacefully. So, Armando withdraws money from the bank in cash. The bank cashier counts money loudly, so all people standing in the bank look towards Armando. They are interested in the hat of Armando, which was mistakenly facing backward.

Armando goes out and takes the bus. But a heavy man, who was there in the bank, also climbs on the bus and starts talking with three young boys. Armando suspects that they are planning to rob his money. So, he climbs down at the first station to save himself. The other three boys also climb down from the bus. Armando thinks that they are going to rob him. So, he runs fast, crosses the road, and yells loudly for help. Armando cries and requests them not to steal his money.

The boys become puzzled and tell him that they were running behind him to help him. In reality, they were going for the football tournament and climbed down from the bus because they had taken the wrong bus. Armando does not believe his own eye. Finally, they walk together, Armando takes out his hands from the pocket and makes his hat straight.

Common Questions & Answer Asked on Fear

Short Answer Questions

1. What makes Armando Gonzalez believe that someone is going to rob his money?

Armando thinks that somebody is going to rob him. There were so many things that made Armando think so. The first of the reason is that he has got fifty thousand pesos of the money which he has never withdrawn and even seen. Similarly, when Armando was at the bank, the cashier counted the money loudly. Everyone saw him withdrawing money from the bank. He thought that people knew about it and would rob him. The people in the bank lobby looked at him and a heavy man took a double-take.

When he climbed in the bus the boys and the people looked at him and the heavy man from whom he wanted to get rid of also got on the same bus. Another reason is that the three football tournament boys talked with the heavy man on the bus. He thought that three boys were sent by the fat man to rob him. When he wanted to get rid of the fat man by climbing off the bus, he also found that the three boys were also following him. These things thus made Armando think that someone was going to rub him. But on top of all these things, it was his own fear and low confidence. He developed a psychology that people in the bank are the robber and they rob the people who come to withdraw the money.

2. How much money has Armando Gonzalez saved in twenty years of time? How does he want to utilize the money he has saved?

Armando Gonzalez is the main character of the story, “Fear”. He is a shoemaker and lives with a big family of his own in another’s house. For the last twenty years, Armando and his wife have been collecting money. Armando has saved twenty thousand pesos in twenty years of time. He is happy and excited too wit this sum of money. Armando wants to utilize it by buying his own house. Thus goes to withdraw the money from the bank of Mexico. He, however, is not happy right now as he thinks his whole dream of buying the house would be just an imagination if someone took the money away.

Long Answer Questions

1. Assuming yourself as Armando Gonzalez, retell the story “Fear” in about 200 words.

After I decided to buy a house, I went to the large bank of Mexico to withdraw 50,000 pesos. I was very careful from the beginning. The bank was slightly crowded that day and I did not like it. After I consented to the bank teller to count the money, she started counting the money loudly which I did not like. I got afraid that the other people would know that I was carrying a heavy amount. I thought that they would take my money away.

I caught a bus to go home. There I met a man whom I had already seen in the bank. Not only that I had dashed against him and he had given me a double look. I found the same man getting on the same bus. Now, there was no doubt that the man intended to rob me. Everybody on the bus was looking at me only because I was putting my hat backward. But, what I thought was that they were looking at me because they had the knowledge that I was carrying 50,000 pesos. I started to see everyone a thief. This increased my nervousness all the more.

After some time, I found that the man was talking to three other boys. I thought that they were making secret plans to loot me. This heightened my nervousness and I made a plan to get off the bust at next stop and to take another bust from there and I did so accordingly.

Suddenly, I also saw that the same three boys had got off there. Now, it was sure that it was a part of the robbery. I was panic-stricken. I started to run shouting for help. The three boys also started to run after me only with the intention to help me. But, there was no limit to my fear and I was running as fast as I could. Suddenly, my feet got entangled with something and I fell down. Before I got up, the three boys came up to me. I started to implore/ beg/ plead them not to rob me. They got surprised at it and said that they were not intending to loot me. Rather they were students and they were there for a football tournament and that they were running after me because I was shouting for help.

I got up and put my cap on and this time I put it rightly. At this time, we walked up slowly to the street.

2. Summarise the story “Fear”. Was there real fear or it was just an imagination of Armando Gonzalez? Explain. (Fear)

Refer to the summary above.

3. Summarize the story “Fear”.

Refer to the summary above.

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