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Entrance Exam Paper 2074 | Diploma Proficiency Certificate Level Full fee Paying

Council for Technical Education and Vocation Training (CTEVT)

Office of the Controller of the Examination

Diploma/ Proficiency Certificate Level Full fee Paying Entrance Exam-Shrawan, 2074

Time: 2:15hrs.                                                           Full marks: 60 (1×60=60)

Attempt All Questions



21. Which instrument is used to measure the atmospheric pressure?

a. Ameter   b. Hydrometer   c. Manometer   d. Barometer

22. In which principle construction of hydraulic brake is based on?

a. Law of Floatation  b. Newton’s Law  c. Archimedes’s Principles   d. Pascal’s Law

23. What is the density of water at 4°c?

a. 1050kg/m³   b. 1000kg/m³   c. 900kg/m³   d. 950kg/m³

24. Which of the following is the audible sound frequency for a normal man?

a. 10Hz-15Hz  b. 20Hz-20KHz  c. 13Hz-20KHz  d. 25Hz-25KHz

25. What is the process by which the primary and secondary coil of a transformer are linked each other?

a. Conduction   b. Convention   c. Self-induction   d. Mutual induction

26. What is the molecular formula of Ethanol?

a. C3H7OH  B. CH3COOH  C. C2H5OH   D. CH3OH

27. Which gas is used to prepare dry ice?

a. Water vapour  b. Carbon dioxide   c. Nitrogen   d. Oxygen

28. Which of the following is intert gas?

a. Hydrogen   b. Oxygen  c. Nitrogen  d. Chorine

29. What is the scientific name of Frog?

a. Rang trigina   b. Frog   c. Toad   d. Bufo

30. Which gland is called master gland?

a. Thyroid   b. Pituitary gland   c. Pancrease   d. Adrenal gland

31. Where is the Gene found?

a. Nuclear  b. Chromosomes   c. Protoplasm   d. Cell membrane

32. What is the average blood pressure of human body?

a. 120/80 mm of Hg  b. 180/80 mm of Hg  c. 100/100 mm of Hg   d. 120/60 mm Hg

33. Which blood cell helps in blood clotting?

a. RBC   b. WBC   c. Plateletes   d. Plasma

34. Which of the following planet does not have any satellite?

a. Saturn   b. Earth  c. Jupitar   d. Mercury

35. In which unit the distance of universe measured?

a. Kilometer  b. Mile  c. Meter   d. Light Year

36. Which of the following is the unit of upthrust?

a. Pascal   b. Watt   c.Newton  d. Dioptre

37. A 100 watt lamp has resistance 484Ω in its filament. Find the current in it, when it is connected across a 220 volt line?

a. 1.1A  b. 1.0A c. 0.9A  d. 0.45A

38. Which element is obtained from Argentitie ore?

a. Iron   b. Gold  c. Silver  d. Copper

39. Which of the gas is used to extinguish fire?

a. NH3   b. CH4   C. CO2   D. O2

40. Causes of common cold is…

a. Bacteria  b. Virus  c. Fungi   d. Protozoa


41. He … me home in his car.

a. drove  b. came   c. comes   d. coming

42. They … from Nepal.

a. come   b. came   c. comes   d. coming

43. The indirect form of He said “I’ve bought this book.”

a. He said he had bought that book.   b. He said that he bought the book   c. He said that I have book   d. He told that he buy this book

44. They said, “The sum rises in the east.”

a. They said that the sun rose in the east   b. They said the sun roused in the east   c. They said the sun rises in the east.   d. They said the sun has raised in the east

45. The weather is beautiful today, …?

a. is it   b. isn’t it   c. wasn’t it  d. were it

46. Let’s meet at the pool, …?

a. will we  b. do we  c. shall we  d. should we

47. Rosy will call us … half an hour.

a. in  b. on  c. at  d. from

48. The school is closed … Christmas Day.

a. on   b. in   c. at   d. from

49. The director got the actor… the role.

a. play   b. to play  c. played d. palys

50. David … an award for his efforts.

a. will given   b. was given  c. was giving  d. has given

51. My friend … is a singer came to the party.

a. whom  b. whose  c. who  d. which

52. They remain the best friends … their quarrel.

a. although   b. in spite of c. though  d. even

53. If it rains, we … at home.

a. will stay  b. should have stayed  c. shall stay  d. should stay

54. The farmers had his goats …

a. graze   b. to graze   c. grazed   d. grazing

55. If I were the head master of my school, I … Students in discipline.

a. would have kept  b. would keep   c. will keep d. will be keeping

56. Austraila is … World’s flattest continent.

a. the  b. an  c. a  d. no thing

57. The WH question of the statement ‘She came here yesterday’ is …

a. where did you come?  b. When did she come?  c. When were she coming?  d. when was she come?

58. Hemant … Hari sing song.

a. gets  b. have  c. makes  d. made

59. Are you sure the door … well?

a. were shut  b. has been shut  c. has shut  d. has being shut

60. He … the girl’s name now.

a. remembers  b. is remembered  c. will be remembered  d. will remember

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