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Entrance Exam Paper 2073 | Diploma PCL

Council for Technical Education & Vocational Training

Office of the Controller of Examinations

Sanothimi, Bhaktapur

Diploma/ PCL Entrance Exam-2073 Full Fee Paying

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English [20×1=20]

1. Either of the physicians …… efficient enough to examine patients.

a. is  b. are  c. has  d. have

2. I am dealing with an issue … concerns human values.

a. what  b. whose  c. that  d. which

3. … her hunger, she didn’t eat anything.

a. A  b. The  c. An  d. No article

4. Which of the following words is correctly spelt?

a. Kangaroo  b. Cangaro  c. Kangharoo  d. Kangaroo

5. … woman in red is my aunt.

a. A  b. The  c. An  d. No article

6. You’d be happy there, …?

a. wouldn’t you  b. won’t you  c. will you  d. hadn’t you

7. … having poor hand writing, he secured good grades in the examination.

a. Despite  b. Although  c. Because of  d. Never the less

8. The negative transformation of the sentences: ‘They have bought someting new’, is:

a. They don’t have anything new  b. They have nothing new  c. they haven’t bought anything new  d. They bought nothing new

9. Please take … your shoes before entering the room.

a. out  b. off  c. of  d. up

10. When he … home, I was watching TV.

a. was getting  b. got  c. gets  d. has got

11. We have been working here … the last 10 years.

a. from  b. got  c. of  d. up

12. Sunil goes to his office by bus. Its appropriate ‘Wh’ question is: …

a. How does Sunil go to his office?  b. Where does Sunil goes by bus?  c. Why does Sunil go to his office by bus?  d. Who does Sunil go his office?

13. Rojita passed the SLC exam and …

a. so do I  b. neighter do I  c. neighter did I  d. so did I

14. Monica generally … black pants.

a. wear  b. wears  c. wore  d. will wear

15. I … to attend a marriage ceremony tomorrow afternoon.

a. will have had  b. will be having  c. will have been  d. will have

16. Raman said to me, “You have helped me a lot.” It can also be said: Raman told me …

a. I helped him a lot  b. He had helped me a lot  c. I had helped him a lot  d. I had helped me a lot

17. The passive form of “Please take your seat’s is:

a. Your seats are taken pleas  b. Your seats were taken  c. You were asked to take your seats  d. You are requested to take your seats

18. This is the girl … sang very well in the party.

a. who  b. whom  c. whose  d. which

19. If it rains, I … the programme.

a. will not attend  b. would not attend  c. would not have attended  d. not attend

20. Unless people are educated, we … of development.

a. can think  b. cannot think  c. could not think  d. could not have thought

Math [20×1=20]

21. If a+b+c=15 and ab+bc+ca=75, what is the value of a²+b²+c²?

a. 75  b. 100  c. 125  d. 225

23. A pole on the blank of a river is observed from the opposite bank and the angle of elevation is found to be 60°. If the breadth of the river is 20√3 m., what is the height of the pole?

a. 20m  b. 20√3 m  c. 40m  d. 60m

24. What is the H.C.F of x²y² and x³-y³?

a. x+y  b. x-y  c. x²y²  d. x³-y³

25. What is the value of x-1/x if x²+1/x²=27?

a. 3  b. 4   c. 9   d. √27

26. In how many years a sum of Rs.2,000 amounts to Rs.2,600 at 6% simple interest rate?

a. 10 years  b. 8 years  c. 6 years  d. 5 years

27. If the work is completed by 20 people in 3 days then how many people are required to complete the work in 2 days?

a. 10  b. 15  c. 30  d. 25

28. What is the H.C.F. of 2x³-16, x²-4x+4 and x²-3x+2.

a. x+2  b. x-1  c. x+1  d. x-2

29. Find two numbers whose sum is 10 and difference is 2

a. 2 & 8  b. 3 & 7  c. 4 & 6  d. 1 & 9

30. What is the minimum value of n(A∪B) if n(A)=12 and n(B)=8?

a. 20  b. 12  c. 8  d. 4


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31. If Radhesh sold a refrigerator with 20% profit at Rs.12000 then how much was its cost price?

a. Rs.8000   b. Rs.10,000  c. Rs.14,000  d. 12,000

32. What is the area of a triangle with sides 6 cm, 8 cm and 10 cm?

a. 24 cm²  b. 30 cm²  c. 12 cm²  d. 20 cm²

33. Present population of a town is 2,00,000. What will be the population of the town after 2 years if the annual growth rate is 10%.

a. 2,10,000  b. 2,20,000   c. 2,42,000  d. 2,30,000

a. 2  b. 3  c. 4  d. 1

35. If a²=b+c, b²=a+c & c²=a+b then find the value of 1/a+1 +1/B+1 +1/c+1

a. 2  b. 3  c. 1  d. a+b+c

36. In the given figure if ABCD is a cyclic parallelogram them find the measure of ∠A. 

a. 45º  b. 60º  c. 75º  d. 90º

37. Find arithmetic mean of 85, 80, 92, 85, 79, 68, 73 & 86.

a. 83  b. 84  c. 81  d. 82

38. If a business man makes a profit of 20% on the selling price then this profit percentage on the cost price will be:

a. 20%  b. 30%  c. 24%  d. 25%

39. What will be the volume of pyramid whose base is square of slide 9cm. and height is 10cm?

a. 270 cm³  b. 405 cm³  c. 207 πcm³  d. 405 πcm³

40. If a+b/a-b= then the value of (ab)∧₄ will be:

a. 1  b. -1  c. ab  d. 0

Science [20×1=20]

41. Why is the weight of a body is less at the top of a mountain than at its foot?

a. Low atmospheric pressure  b. Greater atmospheric pressure  c. Higher acceleration due to gravity  d. Less acceleration due to gravity

42. Which one of the following equals to 1 pascal?

a. 1 newton/ metre²  b. 1 kilogram/ metre²  c. 1 newton/centimetre²  d. 1 kilogram/centimetre²

43. Which one has the longest wave length among the rays of following colours?

a. Red  b. Green  c. Blue  d. Violet

44. Which of the following metal is used to make a coil of a heater?

a. Nichrome  b. Tungsten  c. Chromium  d. Iron steel

45. In which phase of meiosis cell division occurs crossing over?

a. Leptotene  b. Zygotene  c. Pachytene  d. Diplotene

46. Which of the following process takes place for the reproduction ginger?

a. Budding  b. Fragmentation  c. Sporulation  d. Vegetative propagatio

47. Which planet is similar to earth in many features

a. Mercury  b. Pluto  c. Mars  d. Jupiter

48. Rate change of displacement is …

a. Speed  b. Velocity  c. Acceleration  d. Power

49. what is the value of “g” on the surface of Jupiter?

a. 9.8m/s²  b. 1.67m/s²  c. 25m/s²  d. 10m/s²

50. What is the power of a lens of focal length 20cm?

a. 1D  b. 5D  c. 10D  d. 20D

51. What is the percentage of CO2 in air?

a. 0.3%  b. 0.03%  c. 0.003%  d. 0.33%

52. Which alcohol is used to make wine?

a. Mithyl alcohol  b. Ethyl alcohol  c. Propyl alcohal  d. Butyl alcohal

53. Which acid in found in human stomach?

a. Hcl  b. HNo3  c. H2So4  d. H2Co3

54. Which of the following equation represents to the addition reaction?

a. 2Nacl→2Na+Cl2  b. Zn+H2SO4→ZnSo4+H2  c. 2Kl+Cl2→2Kcl+l2  d. 2Na+Cl2→2NaCl

55. Which compound in added to the ammonium chloride in the preparation of Ammonia?

a. Calcium hydroxide  b. Calcium carbonate  c. Sodium chloride  d. Sodium carbonate

56. What is the temperature required to make cement?

a. 800ºc  b. 1000ºc  c. 1200ºc  d. 1600ºc

57. Sound producing organ of Mosquito is …

a. mouth  b. thorax  c. abdomen  d. wing

58. What is the life span of RBC?

a. 100 days  b. 120 days  c. 150 days  d. 250 days

59. Dinosaurs were extinct in … era.

a. Azoic era  b. Cenozoic era  c. Mesozoic era  d. Paleozoic era

60. Which of the current scientists get credit for classification of elements?

a. Prout  b. Doberciners  c. Lothar meyer  d. Mendeleev


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