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Enlist types of food and beverage service outlets – Hotel Management | Grade XI

Chapter – 4: Food and Beverage Service

Short Answer Questions

  1. Enlist types of food and beverage service outlets and explain any two of them. [5]

Ans: The food and beverage service department of a hotel is the most labour-intensive department. As per the size, specialization, types of service the hotel offer food and beverage from different section. The section from where food and beverage is served is known as outlets. Type of outlet and number and service depends upon the size and type of hotel.

  • Banquet
  • Coffee shops
  • Room Service:
  • Bar and Pubs:
  • Pastry of Baker’s Shop:
  • Banquets: Banquet means formal ceremonial feasts, which involves a luxurious management and lavish expenditure. This outlet is usually the largest revenue-earning outlet in the food and beverage service department. It serves food and beverage for a gathering of people at special functions such as weddings, parties, receptions, cocktail dinners, seminars, conferences, meetings, etc.
  • Fine dining restaurant: This is the regular restaurant. Service in s fine dining restaurant is both formal and stylish. Depending on the size and service a hotel may have several restaurant specialized for different types of food and service.
  1. Explain the Job description of waiter.

Ans: The waiters receive the orders from the guest and serve the food and beverage as per the order. They are the part of a team under the captain. They should be knowledgeable about all types of food and beverage available at the time of service, so that they can effectively take order front guest and execute the order and serve the correct dish with its appropriate garnish and accompaniment. They should be able to efficiently co-ordinate with the other staff in the outlet.

Job description of waiter or waitress:

  • Attend briefing before restaurant service starts.
  • Manage Mise-en-scene.
  • Mise-en-place. That is to put all the necessary things in proper place or to be ready to serve.
  • Receive necessary restaurant items for service that is linen, glassware, cutlery, condiments, crockery, napkins, tooth picks, flowers, etc.
  • Washing, cleaning and polishing of cutlery, silverware, chinaware, and glassware and be ready for service. Polish silver ware, china ware and glassware.
  • Exchange soiled linen for fresh ones.
  • Prepare each table for service.
  • Receive, welcome guests and make them pleasant seat.
  • Pour water in glass.
  • Take beverage and food order and service.
  • Present cheque and receive payments.
  • Clearing of table.
  • Ensure cost control.
  • Ensure hygiene and sanitation.

The waiters should remember that they are the service staff, so their job is not limited to what is written. They only one job is to serve the guest and perform all the necessary jobs in this relation.

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