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Eco-tourism – Hotel Management | Grade XI

Table of Contents

Concepts and Meaning of Tourism

Short answer questions

  1. Explain the Eco-tourism. [3]

Ans: Eco-Tourism: is to utilize the attraction value of nature for the purpose of tourism. It is nature based tourism. Eco-Tourism is to utilize nature as attraction, for leisure and pleasure. To operate this tourism special attention is given to leave minimum or no impact on the people society and the nature. The tour operator provides extensive environmental training to its staff and clients are also briefed on the preservation and protection of nature.

  1. Discuss the importance of Hospitality industry in the economy of Nepal. [5]

Ans: Nepal being a developing country tourism is the best industry for its all round development. Tourism contributes 34% of the total foreign exchange of Nepal. It has engaged approximately one percent of the countries’ total potential labor force but is generating 4%  of Gross Domestic Products. It is a leading source of foreign exchange earner. The benefits of tourism is discussed below.

  • Economic Benefits: The most important economic benefit of tourism is the earning of foreign exchange. This is the only industry which brings money into the country. Even poor man can involve in tourism. Only buyers of rurality are the tourist.
  • Regional Development: Tourism is the most important source of income for many underdeveloped regions. Industrial developments in such areas are out of question. Where nothing is possible tourism is possible. The earning form the tourism can be only source of prosperity to those areas. Many economically backward regions contain high scenic beauty and of cultural attractions. Lukla, Jomsom, Langtang valley of Nepal are some of the examples of regional development. The areas around such places are providing employment for hundreds of people at different hotels and shops.
  • Source of Foreign Income: Income from foreign tourism in the form of foreign exchange adds to the national income. It offers a more reliable form of income for a developing country like Nepal.
  • Employment Opportunity: Another direct economic effect of tourism is employment. The tourism industry is a highly labor intensive. It employs a large number of people and provides a wide range of jobs. In addition direct employment the industry offers indirect employment.
  • Help to Solve the Seasonal Unemployment and Disguised Unemployment: The typical characteristic of the agriculture economy like Nepal is the disguised unemployment. It is a type of hidden unemployment where people are working but do not generate income. Tourism is very helpful for Nepal as tourist season starts when there is no rain and no work in farm. So tourism is very helpful to solve the problem of seasonal unemployment.
  • Breaking down of Economic Vicious Circle: A typical characteristic of a developing country is an economical vicious circle. Low income creates low saving; the small amount of saving is not able to generate investment. Without investment, there will be no industry and no employment and ultimately no income and saving. This circle of low income, no saving, no ultimately no income and saving. This circle of low income, no saving, no investment, no income, etc. goes on and on. Tourism is the best solution to investment generates highest number employment and it has the highest rate of return on investment.
  • Infrastructural Development: One of the characteristic of underdeveloped countries like Nepal is not have basic infrastructures, which creates a series of problems. Construction of primary infrastructures to develop tourism will help to develop other industries. As the same time it helps the local people also. A bridge made for resort will be helpful other industries and local people at the same time.
  • Development of Secondary Industry: The secondary businesses are the supporting business to help the tourist such as growing vegetable, hatchery, bread, etc. These secondary businesses also develop the living standard of the local people.

The money earned from tourism will help to maintain and preserve the regional assets such as temples, city, etc. Without the income from tourism it would be difficult to preserve the manmade environment such as Bhaktapur City.

Tourism is most essential for a developing country like Nepal. Biggest problem of a poor country is lack of capital, skill manpower and high unemployment. Tourism is the only solution to solve these problems.

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