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I Have a Dream – Summary | The Heritage of Words

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I Have a Dream

Martin Luther King, Jr.


Martin Luther King delivered the speech “I have a dream” on the steps of the Lincoln memorial, which houses a giant marble statue of Abraham Lincoln, whose Emancipation Proclamation freed American slaves. This proclamation had brought a great hope to millions of Negro slaves. They had hoped that there would not be injustice any more, and that they would not be captive. But even now they are still put in chains of separation and discrimination. They are poor among the rich whites. They are neglected and they feel that they are in exile in their own land. The lacks have not been able to enjoy the equal rights promised to them by American Constitution and the Declaration of Independence. Only the whites have enjoyed the rights of life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness. King hopes that the blacks will get freedom and security.

King urges that this protest should not be cooled off, and that there should be an immediate change. Racial injustice will weaken the foundation of America. The Negroes are not expressing their anger temporarily. They will not be satisfied until they get justice. But King requests his people not to do wrongful deeds, which might cause bitterness and hatred. They should continue their struggle in a disciplined way. They should not cause any physical violence. They should meet physical force with soul force. Their action should not cause any distrust in among the white people, because their luck is tied up with the luck of the while. But they should keep on struggling.

The black people will be satisfied when the police will not torture them. When they are tired they must get lodging in the motels and the hotels. Their houses should be better. They should be allowed to go where the whites go. They should get the rights to vote and they should also know why they are voting. He encourages them to keep on fighting until they get justice and until they feel that they are created equal. But they should not lose their hopes. They revolt should be widespread. King’s dream is not different from the American dream. It is a dream of freedom and justice. It is a dream of the land where the content of character is more important than the color of the skin. All the racists will no longer believe in color. The blacks and the whites will be brothers and sisters. All the differences will disappear. There will be a sweet music of liberty resounding all over America. At last they will all be free.

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