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Don’t Cut Down the Trees Brother Woodcutter | Four Levels of Interacting | Flax Golden Tales

Don’t Cut Down the Trees Brother Woodcutter | Four Levels of Interactions – Flax-Golden Tales

Don't Cut Down the Trees Brother Woodcutter

Don’t Cut Down the Trees Brother Woodcutter – Balkrishna Sama (1902-1981) | Translated by Michael Hutt

Q. Apply the four level of “Don’t Cut Down the Trees, Brother Woodcutter”.

Ans: Literal Comprehension

The poem ‘Don’t Cut Down the Trees, Brother Woodcutter’ is composed by Nepali poet Balkrishna Sama. The poet personifies the tree in this poem. The poet argues that trees are very important in our lives. The tree protects us from the sun and rain. The tree provides us seats in their laps as the mother provides lap to her baby. Trees suckle us from breasts with fruits and flowers. A tree kiss our brows with leafy lips. They sing for our pleasure and seep for our troubles. They dream about our sunshine childhood. But they ask nothing with us instead of that. They never complain. So, trees are like our dead mother and they should be protected.


The poet is trying to show the importance of trees in our life. Trees are really important in our life because they protect us from sun and rain. They also give us fruits and flowers. But they never beg anything from us because they can’t speak. The main concern of the poem is to conserve nature. The poem is also trying to tell us that trees are as important as our real mothers.

Critical Thinking

Although the poem teaches a very good lesson, there are some points in the poem with which I don’t agree. In the poem, the poet has said that trees provide us seats in their laps and carry us up to their shoulders by bending their arms. Where are the lap shoulders and arms in the trees? Can the trees bend their arms? Can the trees suckle us with fruits and flowers? How can the trees sing and weep? The poet has said that the trees dream of our sunshine childhoods and bless our laughter. How can they dream and bless? It is possible to run our lives without cutting trees?


After reading this poem, I learned a lesson about the importance of trees. Before reading the poem, I used to cut many trees because I was unknown about the value of trees. I was on the way deforestation. But now I have understood the value of trees. I love and respect the trees like my own mother. I conduct many awareness programmes to stop cutting down the trees. Nowadays I am on the way of afforestation.

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