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Difference Between Computer Courses in Nepal

Computer science is a hot topic amongst students after they complete their +2.  Such students need to understand the difference between BCA, BIT, B.Sc Computing (Hons), B.Sc. CSIT, and BE Computer. Or you might end up choosing a course that you’ll regret later.

With exams of 12th grade coming near, students seem to have a really hard time choosing the proper course for their further studies. Due to the availability of a considerable amount of courses, it’s tough for students trying to make a selection.

But don’t worry, we’re here to help! In this article, we are going to be providing you with information about the different courses in the IT sector. So, without wasting any time, let us begin.

Popular Computer Courses in Nepal

Popular Computer Courses in Nepal

With the increasing demand for IT graduates, studying computer courses in Nepal has become a hot topic.  Today, there are numerous computer courses that a student can choose to study. The most popular options consist of the following:

  • Bachelors in Computer Applications (BCA)
  • Bachelor of Information Technology (BIT)
  • BSc. Computing (Hons)
  • BSc. CSIT
  • Bachelors (BE) Computer Engineering

BCA in Nepal

BCA in Nepal

Bachelors In Computer Application is a new yet popular course in Computer and Information Technology. This course aims to produce the finest computer application users and developers in Nepal.

  • It is a computer application course targeted towards +2 graduates from the Management Stream. Although, science graduates can also study this course.
  • The BCA course is provided by TU and it is a 4 year, 8-semester course.
  • The BCA course is a very good course for students wanting to become app developers and designers.
  • The course is pretty easy and it doesn’t have a tough entrance exam.
  • You will be able to study Humanities and Social Sciences related subject alongside Computer Science.
  • The course comes under the Faculty of Humanities and Art (FOH), TU.

BIT in Nepal

BIT in Nepal

BIT is a great choice for students who want to become developers, software testers, and similar professionals. Both management and science graduates can study BIT, making it one of the most sought-after IT courses in Nepal.

  • There are two types of BIT courses in Nepal; National and International. National BIT course is provided by the Tribhuvan University while various international universities also provide the BIT course in Nepal.
  • The BIT course is for students who want to become developers, designers, system administrators, and software testers.
  • The entrance exam of international universities in Nepal can be a bit tough, you also need an IELTS qualification to study for an international degree in Nepal.
  • Institute of Science and Technology (IOST), TU also provides the BIT course and this course is a bit difficult as it is provided by TU. The course is quite similar to B.Sc. CSIT. The main difference is that the CSIT course from TU is a bit research and science-oriented while the BIT course is more practical.

B.Sc. Computing (Hons) in Nepal

BSC Computing Hons in Nepal

The B.Sc. Computing (Hons) is a three-year, six-semester course from international universities in Nepal. It is provided by London Metropolitan University and the course is available in some colleges in Kathmandu.

  • You don’t have to study pure mathematics and theoretical computer in this course and the duration is also only three years. This is the best thing about this course.
  • This course is very practical and it has some useful application subjects such as Networking, Programming and more.
  • Management students cannot apply for this course as it is a “Bachelors in Science (B.Sc.)” course.
  • The aim of this course is to create job-ready manpower. The entrance exam is also quite tough

B.Sc. CSIT in Nepal

BSc CSIT in Nepal

The B.Sc. CSIT course is the most popular course in Nepal. This is the only pure Computer Science course in Nepal that has a syllabus that can be compared to international universities.

  • The Student has to be a science graduate to study this course and they should have a C grade (minimum with preferably 2 years of Math).
  • The entrance exam is incredibly tough and only around 6000 to 10000 students are accepted in every batch.
  • It is a complete 4 years course with 8 semesters. The course has very tough subjects that range from Programming, Networking, Applied Mathematics, Statistics, Physics, Software Engineering and much more.
  • The main aim of this course is to create Computer Scientists and Software Engineers.
  • The CSIT course is pretty tough and you also need to crack a very difficult entrance exam to study it.
  • The CSIT course is taught under the IOST, TU.

BE Computer in Nepal

BE Computer in Nepal

The Bachelors in Computer Engineering (BE Computer) is a pure Computer Engineering degree that has a syllabus comparable to the IITs in India.

  • The Student needs to be a Science graduate with 2 years of Mathematics and they have to clear the IOE’s entrance exam.
  • The entrance exam is super hard and only a few students get selected for the government campus. The fee structure in private colleges for BE Computer is very high.
  • The course is of 4 years and it has 8 semesters. You need to study difficult subjects like Physics, Chemistry, Engineering Drawing, Engineering Mathematics, Thermodynamics, and more.
  • The BE Computer course comes under TU’s Institute of Engineering (IOE).

Things to Know Before Studying IT in Nepal

Things to Know Before Studying IT in Nepal

  1. Computer Science is a challenging subject that requires hard work and efficient time management skills.
  2. As IT-related jobs are becoming popular in Nepal, the competition in all fields of Computer Science is increasing.
  3. IT is not always about computers. You might need to learn about other hardware components. Most IT courses will take you into topics like servers, software, databases, and many similar terms.
  4. Studying IT in Nepal is not cheap. You need to understand the course itself is advanced requiring you to pay more than other fields. Likewise, purchasing a powerful computer/laptop that meets your requirements should be considered.
  5. It’s crucial to understand what topics you’d like to study before applying for a certain course. We recommend you visit many IT colleges around Nepal and gathering as much information as possible.

Which IT Course is the Best for You?

Which IT course is best for you

If you are studying Science (with Mathematics) and if you have a good enough grade in your +2, you should try to go for either BE Computer or B.Sc. CSIT. You can also prepare for the IOE entrance exam in this scenario and get a good college if you pass the exam with flying colors.

For management students, the BIT or BCA course would be perfect. It depends on your +2 grades, your career choice, and your entrance results. Factor in these three things and then, choose the appropriate course for you. You should also keep in mind all of these courses have their own tuition fees and other expenses. So, weigh in the finances as well.


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