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Define reservation and explain its resources – Grade XII | Hotel Management

Chapter -1 Front Office

Long questions answer

  1. Define reservation and explain its resources. [3+7]

Ans: Reservation is to book or reserve for future use. It involves desire expressed by guest to utilize the service in future and acceptance by the hotel to provide desired service. It is a proof of future purchase and sale. The reservation is an agreement between customer and hotel for future transaction. It is to purchase now and utilize in future at specified date.

Reservation is a process. It involves different steps. Guest must express desire, willingness to utilize in future and hotel must accept the conditions. Actually reservation process involves three steps. the first is to receive the bookings and second is the records keeping and third step is to inform. The reservation is a sale process but is not the final. So it is very important to maintain communication with the customer up to the end of service delivery. After booking and confirmation, ask for the Service Order of payment in advance.

step 1: Receive reservation:  The first step of reservation process is to receive reservation request. A hotel receives reservation receives reservation request from different sources. Every type of request must be treated as most important and must be recorded. Every inquiry is recorded and relationship is maintained, as they are potential customers.

step 2: Identification of source of reservation: The most important aspect of sales process in service industry is to have the detail information about the buyer. The reservation may be received from agent or directly from guest. If the reservation received from an agent check the past agreement regarding business dealings. If it is first time booking do the agreement before confirmation. If the validity of the agreement is lapsed it should be renewed.

step 3: Check the room status: As soon as room request is received check the room status. Check the availability of requested room. A room reservation record system is maintained in every hotel, which will indicate SOLDOUT, ON REQUEST, FREESALE. If it is a telephone request all the above mentioned steps are interrelated and non-stop. The written requests must be asked as soon as possible.

Step 4: Answer: Next most important step is to inform the guest about the room status that is if the room is available or not. If the required date is not possible offer alternative dates.

Step 5: Recording : The received booking is needed to be recorded. The record system may vary as per the size and type of the operation.

Step 6: Receive advance: Sometimes a doubtful party is asked for deposit in advance. If advance is received it should be recorded with the cash department and the receipt should be forwarded to the guest.

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