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Curbing the One Eyed-Monster – Four Levels of Interpretation | Flax Golden Tales

Curbing the One Eyed-Monster – Four Levels of Interpretation | Flax-Golden Tales

Curbing the One Eyed-Monster - four levels

Curbing the One Eyed-Monster – Fiano C. Jenkins, New Zealand (1947-)

Literal Comprehension

Here one-eyed monster means T.V. In the text, the writer only shows the negative impact of TV on its viewer. To avoid its problem, the essayist requests us to throw the TV set from our house. According to the essayist, TV station is controlled by rich men. It is the same case in American TV stations because they are controlled and guided by such men. So, capitalist or upper class always broadcast their product through advertising on TV.  Instead of showing good programs for the audience, they want to earn a lot of money by selling their product through Advertisement.

Similarly, the writer says us that if we do not watch T.V. or throw it, we will be outcast from society. But anyway, he assures us that if we throw TV from our home, we get more advantages than watching it. The writer asserts that during the T. V. watching hours, we can invest that time in creative work. Then we become active, inventive and creative. To foster our mind, we can read, learn art, and listen to music. Such activities really benefit us.

Likewise, the writer compares T.V. watching with having junk food because T.V. does not show reality as it is and it keeps our distance from it. It only shows imaginative and fictional programs. So, if we want to know the reality, we should read the book, listen to music and learn the art. In a developed country, upper-class leaders always T.V., they ask to vote. As a result, sometimes, common people choose the bad leader. So, the writer to save from cheating by the rich people gives the solution of throwing TV.

When the audience stops watching T.V., advertise agencies do not make an advertisement and upper-class people cannot control our mind by showing and saying false ideas from advertisement. After that TV watching time, we can invest (use) in the morning walk, Yoga which helps to make our body and mind active, energetic and fit. Finally, the writer requests TV viewer to throw T.V. set and to install bookshelf in its place. Thus, he showing the negative impact of TV tries to give its solution.


Though some programs in the television are entertaining, valuable, interesting and useful, there are many more disadvantages to it. Television is a one-eyed monster which kills the creativeness and imaginative power of human beings. Children are badly affected by the TV. The rich businessmen are using television as money earning tool. They brainwash the customers by using a lot of money. Their television commercials never give truth and objective information. If you complain about the programs, they will never listen to you. Therefore, the better way to escape from this one-eyed monster is to unplug the TV and to throw it away.

Critical Thinking

The story clearly talks about how the rich businessmen are using television in their favor. The rich businessman brainwashes the customers by using a lot of money. However, some of the ideas are questionable in the story. Are there only disadvantages of television? How can people throw their costly television away? Thus, the writer has failed to make a balanced view of the TV.


Last month, I brought the TV set at my home. I bought that TV not to be an outsider among my friends. But I found my little brother and sister always in front of the TV set. I think they are spending their precious time by watching useless programs. Before the arrival of the TV set, they were found always reading. Now, they are always found watching TV. I have feared that they are being poor in their study. Therefore, I have decided to throw it away.

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