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A virus is a computer program which can copy itself or infect the system without the knowledge of the user.

Tips & tools prevent virus into the system

  • Keep anti-virus software up-to date and make sure that is working properly.
  • Scan the files with anti-virus software before you download it from the internal and execute it.
  • Be careful while exchanging the files between the system through disks or through network while using the hard disk make sure that it is write protected, so that it prevent from accidental deletion and changes make to the files on the disk.
  • While using Microsoft office make sure that macro virus protection option is enabled.
  • Take backup of the files which you feel important. This will help in recovering the files when it is completely affected by virus.
  • Scan the system with anti-virus software daily and keep your up to date with all the latest patches.
  • Beware of the latest virus threats which may help you in detecting them and take the appropriate action to avoid it.

Serial Port (COM Port)

The serial port is also known as COM (Communication Port). The serial port support serial printer, external dial-up modem, mouse.

Game Port

Game port have been used for Joysticks, foot paddles, game controller pads and other gaming input devices.

Audio Ports

Computer system consists of audio feature jacks for speaker or headsets (green), microphone (pink) and line-in (blue) enabling the system to playback and record sound.

Computer Safety

  • Always shutdown your computer properly.
  • Do regular scan disk to check the hard disk surface for damage.
  • Defragment the hard drive periodically.
  • Delete all files and programmes you no longer needed from your computer.
  • Use an antivirus program to prevents from virus.
  • Backup data to floppy disk or removable devices like pen drive, hard drive etc.


  • Do not eat around the computer.
  • Don’t drink around the computer.
  • Do not use magnet around the computer.

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