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Computer Operator – Objective Questions | Lok Sewa Aayog Set 6

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Lok Sewa Aayog

Computer Operator

Set 6

Objective Questions

  1. Which of the following key of keyboard is used to insert a new line or paragraph into any text editor?

a. Shift          b. Backspace          c. Enter            d. Tab

2. Which of the following input device is not a pointing device?

a. Joystick            b. Light pen            c. Digitizing tablet                  d. Scanner

3. Which of the following pointing device is a stationary device with a movable ball on its top?

a. Mouse            b. Light pen            c. Touch pad               d. Trackball

4. Which of the following pointing device has a vertical handle like a gearshift lever?

a. Light pen            b. Pointing stick          c. Joystick                   d. Trackball

5. Which of the following device uses the sensors to detect the touch of finger?

a. Light pen           b. Touch screen          c. Pointing stick          d. Joystick

6. Which of the following is light sensitive stylus device?

a. Light pen          b. Touch screen          c. Pointing device       d. Joystick

7. Which of the following is not a marks and character recognition device?

a. MICR           b. Fax machine             c. OMR           d. OCR

8. The bar-code system is called?

a. ASCII code          b. EBCDIC code          c. Universal Product code       d. Unicode

9. The light and dark vertical zebra stripped marks on most of the manufactured product are known as?

a. Product code        b. Item code       c. Pin code                  d. Bar code

10. Which of the following device is used to read characters, which are printed with magnetized ink?

a. MICR       b. Bar code reader          c. OCR            d. OMR

11. Which of the following device is used to check and process the test marks of the students?

a. MICR            b. Bar code reader           c. OCR            d. OMR

12. Which of the following is an example of SIM card?

a. Magnetic stripe card           b. Smart card           c. Networking interface card              d. Modem card

13. Which of the following is audio input device?

a. VCR          b. Video camera             c. Microphone             d. Speaker

14. Which of the following is a video input device?

a. Microphone            b. Digital camera           c. Video camera          d. Traditional camera

15. Which of the following device is used to softcopy of outputs?

a. Printer            b. Plotter              c. Scanner                    d. Display screen

16. Which of the following is not related to softcopy outputs?

a. CRT             b. Monitors            c. Plotters                    d. Screens

17. Which of the following device is used to receive the sound output?

a. Plotters             b. Microphones             c. Speaker                    d. Scanner

18. Which of the following is not an output device?

a. Monitor                  b. Plotter             c. Speaker                    d. Scanner

19. The video graphics card inside the computer is used for the output device:

a. Speaker            b. Microphone            c. Monitor                   d. Printer

20. How many types of graphic cards?

a. 2            b. 3           c. 4                  d. 5

21. The monitor having the VGA has resolution:

a. 320×200 pixels         b. 800×600 pixels           c. 700×600 pixels        d. 1024×768 pixels

22. XGA card supports:

a. 16 colors          b. 256 colors             c. 16.7 billion colors               d. 16.7 million colors

23. Which of the following is not an impact printer?

a. Dot matrix printer          b. Thermal printer          c. Daisy wheel printer             d. Line printer

24. Which of the following is non-impact printer?

a. Inkjet printer          b. Dot matrix printer        c. Daisy wheel printer             d. Line printer

25. Which of the following print head of dot matrix printer provides best quality print our?

a. 9 pins          b. 18 pins           c. 24 pins                     d. 20 pins

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26. Which of the following printer slower than dot matrix printer but better in quality?

a. Line printer           b. Daisy wheel printer         c. Laser printer          d. Inkjet printer

27. Which of the following printer is normally used by mainframe computer?

a. Dot matrix printer          b. Daisy wheel printer         c. Ink jet printer        d. Line printer

28. Which of the following printer is an example of line printer?

a. Dot matrix          b. Bubble jet            c. Band printer           d. Daisy wheel

29. The printing speed of line printer is unto:

a. 301 pm          b. 3001 pm          c. 30000 1pm              d. 3000 1pm

30. Which of the following printer works like a photocopying machine?

a. Inkjet printer           b. Bubble printer           c. Laser printer            d. Band printer

31. The printing speed of laser printer for microcomptuer is about?

a. 4 to 400 pager per minute                            b. 4 to 200 page per minute

c. 4 to 100 page per minute                             d. 4 to 32 page per minute

32. Which of the following printer uses as a special heat sensitive waxy paper for printing output?

a. Inkjet printer            b. Bubble printer           c. Thermal printer       d. Electrostatic printer

33. How many type of plotter are there?

a. 2            b. 4           c. 5                  d. 6

34. Which of the following output device is used to print continuous output such as to track an earthquake?

a. Faltbed plotter          b. Thermal printer          c. Drum plotter            d. Laser printer

35. Which of the following task is not related to preliminary investigation?

a. System identification       b. System analysis          c. System scope           d. Feasibility study

36. Which of the following is the first phase of system development life cycle (SDLC)?

a. System analysis          b. Design           c. Preliminary investigation coding                d. Maintaining

37. A person responsible for the analysis of the system is known as:

a. Programmer           b. Software engineers                c. Analyst d. IT manager

38. The actual system is produced in phase:

a. Design          b. Coding           c. Implementation                   d. Testing

39. The error detected an removed form the software in phase:

a. Design            b. Coding            c. Implementation       d. Testing

40. A collection of raw facts and figure is called:

a. Data            b. Information            c. Processing               d. None

41. Computer is:

a. Accurate           b. Consistent             c. Reliable                   d. All

42. A computer’s main function is to:

a. Convert information into storage                    b. Information

c. Display data convert data into                        d. Create data from information

43. The four mainfunctions of a computer are:

a. Input, processing, output and storage                         b. Learning, thinking, intelligent and virtuosity

c. Data, information, bits and bytes                                 d. Hardware, software, modeling and operator

44. Another termed for processed data is:

a. Processor              b. Output device             c. Storage                    d. Information

45. Creating motion form still picture is called:

a. Animation           b. Movies             c. Sequencing              d. None

46. Multimedia can include the use of:

a. Text              b. Animation           c. Voice                       d. All

47. Data processing is also known as:

a. Calculating             b. Computing                 c. Information             d. Merging

48. The modem revolution in information technology can be termed as:

a. Computer revolution          b. Information revolution          c. Communication revolution             d. All

49. The computing and communication technologies are combined together fro:

a. Data sequencing             b. Data routing          c. Searching data        d. Data communication

50. A process of buying goods and services via a mobile phone is called:

a. M-commerce             b. Computer animation            c. Multimedia              d. No one

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