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Computer Operator – Objective Questions | Lok Sewa Aayog – Set 5

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Lok Sewa Aayog

Computer Operator

Set 5

Objective Questions

  1. This type of keyboard is designed specifically to alleviate wrist strain associated with the repetitive movements of tying.

a. Ergonomic keyboard            b. Wireless keyboard c. Traditional keyboard           d. Flexible keyboard

2. A key that turns a function on or off is called a … key.

a. Power        b. Toggle          c. Function      d. Control

3. Which key typically cancels a selection or procedure?

a. Escape            b. Windows key        c. Spacebar                  d. F1

4. What type of key is generally used as a shortcut for a specific task?

a. Escape          b. Numeric          c. Function                  d. Control

5. Which one of the following choices would not be classified as a pointing device?

a. Mouse            b. Joystick            c. Light pen     d. Graphics tablet

6. The mouse … usually appears in the shape of an arrow.

a. Pointer              b. Marker          c. Indicator      d. Meter

7. This type of mouse is generally considered the traditional type and is currently the most widely used.

a. Mechanical           b. Cordless            c. Wireless       d. Optical

8. This type of mouse has a ball on the bottom and is attached with a cord to the system unit.

a. Mechanical           b. Cordless          c. Wireless       d. Optical

9. This type of mouse has no moving parts.

a. Mechanical              b. Cordless            c. Wireless       d. Optical

10. This type of mouse emits and senses light to detect mouse movement.

a. Mechanical            b. Cordless             c. Wireless       d. Optical

11. This type of mouse is a battery-powered device that typically uses radio waves or infrared light waves to communicate with the system unit.

a. Mechanical               b. Touch            c. Wireless       d. Optical

12. Instead of using a mouse, you can use this pointing device to control the printer by rotating a ball with your thumb.

a. Pointing stick            b. Touchpad          c. Joystick       d. Trackball

13. The … is the most popular input device for games.

a. Joystick            b. Keyboard             c. Mouse          d. Light pen

14. With this pointing device, you control game action by varying the pressure, speed and direction.

a. Optical mouse            b. Trackball           c. Joystick       d. Touch screen

15. A … is a monitor that is covered with a plastic layer to allow you to press the screen to select commands.

a. Digitizing tablet          b. Light pen           c. Pointing stick          d. Touch screen

16. This type of pointing device is commonly used at restaurants, ATMs, and information centers.

a. Mechanical mouse           b. Joystick           c. Light pen     d. Touch screen

17. This type of device typically operates by moving across text and images.

a. Optical mouse           b. Light pen             c. Scanner        d. Joystick

18. Which one of the following would not be considered a type of scanning device?

a. Light pen               b. Optical scanner           c. Bar code reader       d. MICR device

19. Which of the following functions most like a copy machine?

a. Portable scanner           b. Bar-code reader           c. Flatbed scanner       d. Touch screen

20. A … scanner records characters by sliding it along a line of text.

a. Character        b. Flatbed          c. Bar-code      d. Portable

21. A Universal Product Code is read by what type of scanner?

a. Bar-code           b. Flatbed          c. OCR            b. MICR

22. Which of the following types of character recognition systems requires the use of magnetic ink?

a. OCR          b. MICR          c. OMR           d. UPC

23. This reading device is readily used in banks to read the numbers on the bottom of checks and deposit slips.

a. MICR            b. OCR           c. ORM           d. GRE

24. Which of the following types of character recognition systems is used for standardized testing like the SAT’s?

a. UPC         b. MICR             c. OMR           d. OCR

25. A … camera records images on a disk instead of on film.

a. Video            b. Photosensitive          c. Traditional               d. Digital

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26. Which of the following refers to a special type of video camera used for broadcasting images on the Internet?

a. Webcam            b. iCam            c. eCamera      d. Web video

27. … devices convert a sketch or a figure into a form that the computer can understand.

a. Electrolyzing            b. Plotting            c. UPC            d. Digitizing

28. Which of the following devices would requires the use of a stylus?

a. Scanner             b. Digital notebook           c. Graphics tablet        d. Bar-code reader

29. A(n) … records the movements of the user’s pen over a piece of paper.

a. Graphics tablet          b. Digital notepad             c. Touch screen           d. Flatbed scanner

30. The most important characteristic of a monitor is its

a. Dot pitch           b. Resolution              c. Clarity                     d. Viewable size

31. The individual dots that form the image on a monitor are called.

a. Picas           b. Specks           c. Pixels                       d. Particles

32. This monitor has a maximum resolution of 1024×768.

a. SXGA             b. XGA           c. SVGA         d. UXGA

33. Which of the following monitor types most closely resembles a television?

a. Flat panel             b. Cathode ray tube             c. e-book reader          d. Data projector

34. A(n) … printer works by spraying tiny droplets of ink onto the paper.

a. Ink-jet                 b. Laser            c. Thermal                   d. Chain printer

35. Which of the following printer types requires special paper?

a. Chain            b. Laser          c. Ink-jet                      d. Thermal

36. Which of the following can create the largest printouts?

a. Ink-jet          b. Chain             c. Plotter                      d. Thermal

37. With a standard mouse, you can quickly access a shortcut menu by pressing the

a. F1 key                b. Esc key            c. Left mouse key       d. Right mouse keyboard

38. Specialized input and output devices for receiving and sending voice communications are

a. Fax modems           b. Intelligent terminal          c. Web application      d. Internet telephones

39. A network terminal is also known as a(n)

a. Dumb terminal            b. PC terminal           c. Intelligent terminal              d. Thin client

40. A standard microcomputer with a network connection would be called a(n)

a. Thin client             b. PC terminal            c. Intelligent terminal              d. Server

41. Which of the following is not a network device?

a. Modem                 b. Port             c. Bridge                     d. Router

42. How many categories of software are classified?

a. 3           b. 2              c. 5                  d. 4

43. Which of the following is an example or system software?

a. Word processor             b. Spreadsheet program       c. Operating system                d. S-Windows

44. Which of the following is not an example of packaged software?

a. MS-word             b. MS-Power-point             c. MS-Access              d. MS-Windows

45. Which of the following is not application software?

a. Scientific software             b. Games             c. Device driver          d. Multimedia software

46. Which of the following is not example of input device?

a. Mouse            b. Scanner           c. Speaker        d. Digital camera

47. Which of the following is most commonly used input devices?

a. Keyboard            b. Digital camera           c. Microphone             d. Scanner

48. A standard keyboard used in personal computer has:

a. 80 keys                 b. 84 keys                c. 101 keys                  d. 102 keys

49. Which of the following key of keyboard is used to change lowercase letter mode to upper case and vice-versa?

a. Alt              b. Caps Lock            c. Ctrl              d. Enter

50. Which of the following key of keyboard is used to delete a character to the left of the cursor?

a. Delete             b. Backspace            c. Tab              d. Shift

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