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Computer Operator Objective Questions | Lok Sewa Aayog Set 4

Computer || Lok Sewa Aayog || PSC || Objective Questions

Sample Set-4

Time: 45 minutes                                                         FM: 50

Attempt all of the following questions. Each question carries equal marks.

  1. Which one is not known as computer system?

a. Input section              b. Display section             c. Output section              d. Processing section

2. Data is collection of

a. Raw material           b. Facts and figures related to the user   c. A set of number           d. A set of alphabet

3. What one is not a feature of magnetic tape?

a. It can be reused                                                b. It is a sequential accessing device

c. Data accessing rate is very low                     d. Data cannot transfer from this device to hard disk

4. The computer that works on the basic of signal produced to the variation in physical quantities?

a. Hybrid computer              b. Mainframe computer                c. Analog computer         d. Mini computer

5. The system diagnostic program stored on ROM is called

a. Livewire             b. Firmware        c. System software          d. Application software

6. A part of computer that stores data and information temporarily

a. ROM             b. RAM                 c. DISK                  d. CD-ROM

7. The main circuit board containing the vital component of a PC

a. Hard disk                b. Sound card           c. Motherboard                d. Modem

8. Set of code that is used in writing a program is

a. Statement           b. Line    c. Paragraph       d. Commands

9. The device that gives us soft copy output is …

a. Printer             b. Monitor          c. Plotter              d. None of the above

10. One thousand of second is called

a. Microsecond            b. Millisecond    c. Nanosecond  d. Picoseconds

11. The Logarithm is the concept of:

a. Herman Hollerith               b. John Von Neumann   c. Charles Babbage          d. Picoseconds

12. Which of the following statements is true about a computer?

a. A machine for making calculator automatically                b. A machine for making calculator numerical data

c. A machine developed by a human                                        d. All of the above

13. Data processing is the method of …

a. Collecting the data                                                                                     b. Converting the data into machine code

c. Collecting and converting the data into useful information             d. All of the above

14. Keyboard is an input device which is used to

a. Get output of the raw data            b. Enter information       c. Both a and b                  d. None of the above

15. Together the control unit and ALU is called

a. Computer             b. Memory         c. Input device                   d. CPU

16. The CPU of a Micro Computer is also called the

a. Computer            b. Microprocessor           c. Box                    d. All of the above

17. A computer program is … which receive input and process it to give the desired output?

a. Set of instructions             b. Device             c. Memory          d. All of the above

18. Who developed the first machine called “Difference Engine”?

a. Pascal            b. Laday Ada      c. Charles Babbage          d. Leibinitz

19. Who developed the first computer that could store data and instructions?

a. Charles Babbage           b. Pascal               c. Herman Hollerith         d. John von Neumann

20.Punched card was developed by

a. Charles Babbage                 b. Microsoft company    c. Leibnitiz           d. None of the above

21. Which of the following input device is also known as memory device?

a. Keyboard            b. Punch card     c. Joystick            d. None of the above

22. All touchable parts of the computer are known as

a. Application software           b. System software         c. Both a and b                  d. None of the above

23. A special kind of software which is supplied by the hardware manufacture is known as

a. Hardware          b. Machine         c. Firmware        d. Liveware

24. A character is equal to

a. One bit            b. One byte        c. 4 bits                 d. All of the above

25. 1 GB is equal to …

a. Bytes           b. Bytes     c.  Bytes     d.  Bytes

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26. On which of the computer can multiple users work at a time simultaneously?

a. PC computer            b. Micro Computer          c. Mainframe computer                d. None of the above

27. Micro computer are further classified as below …

a. PC            b. PC-XT               c. PC-AT               d. None of the above

28. The concept of artificial intelligence is for

a. Second generation            b. Third generation         c. Fourth generation       d. Fifth generation

29. Which of the following statement is true about BUS?

a. A software which is used to transfer data                                                             b. A method of transferring files

c. A communication path way over which information and signal are transferred         d. All of the above

30. Which of the following printer is noisier?

a. Laser printer            b. Daisy wheel printer    c. Inkjet printer                 d. None of the above

31. 640×600 and 1024×768 are examples of …

a. Color depth                                    b. Multiplication problems that you would need to sue a calculator to solve

c. Screen resolution                         d. None of the above

32. Collection of raw facts and figures, which are collected for specific purpose is called:

a. Information             b. Data                  c. Object              d. Input

33. The processed and refined data is referred to as:

a. Information              b. Data                  c. Object                              d. Input

34. The computing and communication technologies are combined together for:

a. Data sorting                b. Searching of data        c. Classification of data                  d. Communication of data

35. Data processing is also called:

a. Information system           b. Information technology           c. Computing            d. Calculating

36. An electronic device that accepts, processes data and controls over activities during processing is called:

a. Input device            b. Output device              c. Computer               d. Operating system

37. The data and program are stored permanently on the:

a. RAM               b. Secondary memory                    c. CPU                   d. Primary language

38. The electronic circuit that are the part of the circuit are called:

a. Software           b. Firmware        c. Hardware        d. Shareware

39. Which of the following is not a hardware component?

a. Input devices            b. Operating system       c. Processor        d. Secondary storage

40. Which of the following is not an input device?

a. Keyboard             b. Speaker          c. Mouse             d. Microphone

41. Which of the following is not an output device?

a. Keyboard             b. Speaker          c. Mouse             d. Microphone

42. Which of the following is not an output device?

a. Monitor              b. RAM                 c. Speaker           d. Printer

43. Which of the following is secondary storage device?

a. RAM            b. ROM                 c. CPU                   d. CD-ROM

44. Which of the following is not a secondary storage device?

a. Hard disk drive            b. CD-ROM drive              c. ROM                 d. Tape drive

45. Which of the following is not an internal part of computer?

a. Monitor               b. Computer bus              c. CD-ROM drive               d. Computer buses

46. Which of the following is not used as their connector?

a. Cable              b. Ports                c. CD-ROM                          d. Computer buses

47. …… is any data or instructions sent to the computer.

a. Digital            b. Output            c. Information                   d. Input

48. The input device most commonly used to enter text would be the

a. Mouse              b. Microphone                  c. Keyboard        d. Bar code reader

49. Most keyboards use an arrangement of keys given the name

a. Dvork             b. QWERTY          c. Unicode           d. CISC

50. A full-sized. Rigid, rectangular keyboard that includes function, navigational, and numeric keys is this type.

a. PDA keyboard           b. Wireless keyboard      c. Traditional keyboard                  d. Flexible keyboard

Computer Operator set 4 solved Download PDF file

Computer Operator set 4 solved Download PDF file

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