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Computer Operator | Loke Sewa Aayog | Objective Questions | Set 3

Computer || Lok Sewa Aayog || PSC || Objective Questions

Sample Set-3

Time: 45 minutes                                              FM: 50

Attempt all of the following questions. Each question carries equal marks.

  1. The keys on the keyboard which may be programmed to do special takes are the:

a. Function keys              b. Navigation keys           c. Arrow keys     d. Numeric keys

2. UNIVAC belongs to:

a. Third generation of Computer                                                                  b. Fourth generation of Computer

c. First generation and second generation of Computer                          d. Fifth generation of Computer

3. How can you protect your computer from sudden power failure?

a. Using stabilizer               b. Using generator           c. Using UPS       d. Using volt guard

4. Which is the latest operating system?

a. Windows XP              b. Windows Vista             c. DOS           d. Windows 98

5. Which of the following is the major characteristic of computer?

a. Diligent              b. Non intelligent             c. Automatic       d. All of the above

6. The speed of CPU is measured in:

a. Mbps              b. MHz              c. Microsecond      d. Mbytes

7. Cache memory …

a. Stores data’s permanently                                       b. Holds last time visited web site only

c. Helps to store more data in hard disk                   d. Placed between the main memory and microprocessor

8. To send and receive email your computer should have:

a. Sound card               b. Optical storage             c. Modem           d. All of the above

9. DVD belongs to …

a. Magnetic storage                   b. Optical storage            c. Main storage                 d. Non volatile

10. Program developed according to the requirement to an office is …

a. Packaged software              b. Tailored software       c. Utility software            d. All of the above

11. A dot matrix printer is …

a. Input device                b. Hardware       c. Software         d. Application

12. All peripheral devices connected to computer system are known as …

a. Keyboard             b. Hardware       c. Software         d. Application

13. Computer is a system having …

a. Storage               b. I/O devices    c. CPU   d. All of the above

14. Who was the first to conceptualize and design a fully programmable mechanical computer analytical engine?

a. Laday Ada               b. Bill Gate           Charles Babbage          d. None of the above

15. Which is not a characteristic of computer?

a. Automatic           b. Lazy                  c. High speed                     d. Accurate

16. Which one has the latest storage capacity?

a. CD            b. DVD                  c. Floppy disk     d. Hard disk

17. Mouse is an … device.

a. Input                b. CPU                  c. Output             d. Processor

18. Storage capacity of hard disk is measured in …

a. Terabyte                 b. Gigabyte         c. Megabyte       d. All of the above

19. Fastest memory of computer system is …

a. Hard disk               b. Firmware        c. Cache memory             d. CD

20. CPU is brain of computer then CU is …

a. Head of computer               b. Nerve center of computer       c. Tail of computer          d. Main memory of computer

21. Purpose of sorting is …

a. Chronologically           b. Alphabetically               c. Numerically    d. All of the above

22. Which does not match on monitor?

a. It is output device                    b. Color resolution           c. Color depth            d. All of the above

23. Feature of USB is …

a. Speed, expansion              b. Slow, down         c. Both a and b                  d. None of the above

24. First generation computer is used for …

a. IC chips              b. Micro chips    c. Volatile memory          d. All of the above

25. Pixel point is used to …

a. VGA                 b. EGA                  c. SVGA                d. All of the above

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26. The memory of the hard disk is …

a. Primary memory              b. Auxiliary memory       c. Volatile memory          d. All of the above

27. Eight bits equals to …

a. One byte              b. One nibble     c. One kilobyte                  d. One gigabyte

28. Which of the following is/ are not programming language?

a. BASIC                b. COBOL             c. DDL                    d. APL

29. The program translates line by of source program is …

a. Compiler             b. Assembler     c. Interpreter     d. Translator

30. The first calculation machine abacus is used in …

a. China, 2000 BC            b. Japan 1600 BC              c. India 3000 BC                d. None of the above

31. Low level language is …

a. Basic            b. Assembly       c. JAVA                 d. All of the above

32. A unit of 1000 bytes is …

a. 1 MB             b. 1 KB                  c. 1 GB                  d. 1 TB

33. The computer driver is …

a. Hardware controller           b. Data controller             c. Hardware and game control                    d. All of the above

34. Impact printer is

a. Laser printer           b. Inkjet printer                c. Dot matrix printer       d. Bubble jet printer

35. Digital computer handles …

a. Continuous data               b. Discrete data                 c. textual data    d. None of the above

36. Which one is odd?

a. Monitor                 b. Consol             c. Screen              d. Printer

37. Which one is not hardware?

a. Zip drive              b. Hard disk        c. Zip disk            d. NIC

38. Which is used in binary code?

a. EDBCDIC             b. ASCII                c. ANSI                  d. None of the above

39. SVGA is related to …

a. Printer              b. Monitor          c. CPU                   d. ALU

40. From which technology CD-ROM format?

a. Optical              b. Optical fiber                  c. Mechanical                     d. Electro mechanical

41. Which is popular secondary storage device?

a. Disk            b. Floppy disk     c. Tape disk         d. None of the above

42. Which one is not a valid floppy disk capacity?

a. 24                    b. 1.44                   c. 360                     d. 720

43. Which device is used to relation for computer and user?

a. Software              b. Hardware       c. Peripheral       d. Memory

44. OCR (Optical Character Reader) is …

a. A output device               b. Storage           c. Device              d. A direct input device

45. In case of micro computer hard disk drive is known as …

a. Removable disk              b. Portable disk                 c. Fixed disk        d. All of the above

46. To protect our PC form sudden interruption of commercial line we need …

a. UPS             b. Volt Guard     c. Stabilizer         d. All of the above

47. Which device is known as mass storage device?

a. Hard disk drive            b. Floppy disk drive         c. Punched card                d. None of the above

48. Which computer falls on the basic model?

a. Micro generation                 b. Analog computer        c. IMB compatible            d. XT computer

49. Biochip falls on

a. Micro generation             b. Second generation     c. Third generation          d. Fifth generation

50. Napier’s Bone was developed by …

a. John Napier in 1614                                        b. John Neumann in 1618

c. Charles Babbage in 1812                                d. Herman Hollerith in 1887

Computer Operator Set 3 Download solved PDF file

Computer Operator Set 3 Download solved PDF file

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