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Compulsory English Questions Answer 2068 | Group B

Compulsory English Questions Answer 2068

Here are some of the question from English From 2068. Do not forget to check this website for NEB notes.

This is the complete questions answer of Compulsory English Questions Answer which was held by Tribhuvan University on 2068 BS.

Group B

  1. Read the following paragraphs write a paragraph from the perspective of a person living in a country that is culturally different. [10]

The most important thing to understand about Americans is probably their devotion to individualism. They are trained from very early in their lives to consider themselves as separate individuals who are responsible for their own situations in life and their own destinies. They are not trained to see themselves to see themselves as members of a close-knit interdependent family, religious group, tribe, nation or any other collectivity.

You can see it in the way Americans treat their children. One day I was at a local shopping mall, waiting in line to buy an Orange Julius. Behind me in the line was a woman with two children, a boy who was about three years old and a girl who was about five. The boy had some coins in his pocket.

The boy asked his mother, “Can I get an Orange Julius?”

“No,” she said to him, “You don’t have enough money left for an Orange Julius. Remember you bought that cookie a while ago. You do have enough money for a hot dog. So you could get a hot dog now if you want to Or, you could save your money and sometime later could get an Orange Julius.”

When I tell this story to people from other countries they usually react with disbelief.

Ans: The foreigner should be well familiar with the American culture in order to adjust in the USA. In order to make intercultural communication effective, we should know about cultural norms and values of foreign people. American people from the very beginning of their lives are trained to be an individualist. They are taught to consider themselves as separate individuals who are responsible for their own destinations. They suppose that they should be identified by themselves rather than family members.

In the shopping and restaurants, they should pay they their bill separately. They give priority over the individualism. American children are trained to stand on their own feet. In order to be identified in the society, they should struggle from their side. American people don’t like to be known as members of a close-knit interdependent family and tribe and so on. They are expected to struggle from their side. The foreign people may feel shocked to know about it. Those who are unfamiliar about American culture usually react with disbelief.

  1. How do we benefit from library sources?

Ans: We can benefit from library sources by doing a great deal of research. The library is one of the resources for learning. A wide range of books is available in the library. We can do research in the library. Students can independently find out the expected things from the library resource. Library resources enhance our reading ability. We can do extended research by reading the book from the library resource. We can find many references books which are helpful for research students and other persons. You can borrow books from the library and read the books intensively.

There are many books, newspaper magazines, journals available in the library. We can get a wide range of knowledge form the library resources. We can go to the library in our own convenient time for study. The librarian helps us find out the recently published books. Newspaper and journal provide us with the latest information on the related field. We can be up-to-date ourselves by getting information from the library.

  1. What role do the mass media and other forms of technology play in the lives of people?

Ans: Mass media refers to channels of communication that got to the public. Mass media include newspaper, magazines, televisions, radio, and Internet. Mass media are rapid. They spread the news as quickly as possible after they happen. Television also provides live shows or events.

Mass media are an important part of our life. Americans are more exposed to the media in print, sound, waves, and pictures. 77 percent over the age of 12 listen to the radio. And radio listening time for those people is three hours each day. Each house as two sets of television with a viewing time of about seven hours per day. Bu the time differs according to age, gender, and education.

We don’t know many functions and purposes of the media. One important function is entertainment. There are many entertaining programs like comedy, talk shows, sports and so on.

Another function is education. Radio or television provides many educational programs. The programs are based on art, culture, literature and animal behavior. Sometimes there are instructional programs like how to cook, to decorate a house, and so on. Children also get many facilities from some educational programs. They know about life, society, and culture.

Media also provides community information. Media warn people. They inform people of possible danger like earthquake, flood, or weather. This makes people take precaution. It saves lives and property of the people. Similarly, the media warn us which things to eat and which not. What things are good or what are bad?

Further, the media help us to shape our beliefs. We see programs regularly. When we see programs regularly, we develop our opinions. Sometimes mass media encourage us to believe something. This practice is called propaganda. Similarly, advertisement programs also make us believe what they say. Some Americans falsely believe all flying objects to be space vehicles.

Another function of mass media is socialization. When we see programs, we follow some actions or things people do. We follow their appropriate behaviors. This helps us to change ourselves. Finally, TV programs work as our companions. When people talk, we take them as our friends.

There are varied functions and purposes of mass media. The influence of mass media on our lives it is considerable. It affects how we spend our time, money and what we get to see and hear about. It also influences the way we understand those events and shapes our beliefs, opinions, and behaviors.

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Discuss the use of propaganda in your culture for example, by the government, political candidates, advertisers, or religious figures.

Ans: Politicians and businessman use media in their favor. They want to gain public support. Such deliberate manipulation of public opinion is called propaganda. It may be true or false, but propaganda affects peoples’ views or opinions.

How does propaganda work?

There are several methods of propaganda in the media. One is giving positive or negative labels. Positive labels attract people, but negative labels repel them. A peaceful rally of the people may be described as “peaceful” or “disruptive”. Some labels have positive responses, and some have negative.

There are some visual images. Newspapers have several photos. Media uses photos of famous persons to influence people. They try to create good impressions. Media show big persons in public place raising the baby or giving some food items.

There is another method of propaganda using famous people in the product or services. A film or TV star eats a particular brand of biscuit for the advertisement. This gives the special impression to the common people. Similarly, political parties use film stars in the election campaign. The promoters also use happy people drinking soft drink. This gives the impression that the drink is good.

In my culture also, the government, political candidates, advertisers, schools, religious figures, business people use propaganda through various forms of media. They use different tactics to sway the opinions of the people, to shape their beliefs, to brainwash them and to promote their products, political opinions, religious beliefs, the point of view, slogans etc.

  1. Write two or three paragraphs explaining what you would look for in a job. Consider the type of work, the work environment, and any other qualities of your ideal job.

Ans: The most important features that I would look for in a job are as follows:

  • First, my ideal job is a banking officer. I want to work in one of the reputed and well established international banks. I know such a job is lucrative and well respected.
  • Second, I would work in an employee friendly environment. It has several advantages for workers, who find this kind of job. Most organizations, industries etc. have a strict environment where workers are treated not as humans but as slavers or animals. They lose dignity, humor and moral support in such workplaces.
  • Third, I prefer two kinds of works, the white collar and the one that requires lots of traveling and meeting people. I am a social type and cannot work in an isolated place away from the human crowd.
  • Fourth, I would prefer a job that provides lots of responsibilities to the workers. The responsibilities should be challenging ones. It helps increase our efficiency and caliber. We also get to learn new things from them.
  • Fifth, the level of stress should be as little as possible. Increase in stress reduces our work efficiency and has negative psychological effects.
  • Sixth, the good salary and privileges are important factors of employment. They help us to maintain our lives, social status and give us job satisfaction. In their absence, workers lose interest in work and the organization’s progress becomes slow.
  • Seventh, the working hours should be flexible and limited. I like working in my suitable time. The working hours should be fixed but the workers should be given the freedom to work any time they want.
  • Eight, the vacations and short holidays are important to keep the employees fully satisfied. Hard works need longer vacations to get refreshed.
  • Finally, I prefer working in an organization where the job security is guaranteed. But inefficient workers should be given the training to upgrade their skills and work performance.


What is the major aspect of the American Dream that Sidel discusses in the reading?

Ans: The essay entitled “The New American Dreamers” written by Ruth Sidel discusses the hopes and dreams that young women in the United States have in their personal and professional lives. The major aspects of the American dream are confident, out-going, knowledgeable and involved. Most of the American dreamers are young women regardless of their class and economic background. They would like to be confident, outgoing and self-dependent. They’d like to stand on their own fee. They’re dedicated to achieving progress and prosperity through hard work. They would like to make their own decision.

They’d like to have a wide circle of friends. They want to take control of their lives. They plan to achieve the expected things. Woman believe that women today should be the heroines of their own lives. American dreamer look towards the future, seeing themselves as the central characters, planning their career, their own success story. These young women don’t see themselves as playing supporting roles in someone’s life. They are planning their own journeys. They see their lives in terms of their aspirations, their hopes, and their dreams.

Young American women have a definite plan in their lives. The dreamer has supposed that they can achieve their dreams through hard work. They are not satisfied to take their traditional gendered roles. They have American Dreamers are young women who have a fundamentally optimistic attitude toward the future. Dreamer believes that progress is inevitable and that they have the ability to control their own destinies. They would like to have material possessions. They would like to be successful professionally. American dreamer like to balance their professional and private lives. Form the very beginning of their school days, the young women have planned for their future career.

They look forward to their brighter future regardless of their present background. They don’t like to stay inside the house and look after the children. Woman suppose that success is in their hand. They would like to spend a romantic life with material possessions. Dreamers imagine having loving and caring husbands who would help them in achieving their goal. Womans like to make their husbands happy by knowing their feelings and emotions.

  1. Fill in the columns with traits and behaviors considered typical of females or males in your culture. [5]

Female Male
Inferior Superior
Weak Strong
Dependent Independent


Female Traits Male Traits
Inferior Superior
Weak Strong
Compassionate Adventurous
Frivolous Aggressive
Intuitive Ambitious
Jealous Competitive
Obstinate Decisive
Sensitive Self-reliant
Sentimental Sophisticated
Submissive Obstinate
Dependent Independent


  1. Write an article on the topic that people are becoming slaves to their schedules. [10]

Ans: Walljasper says that people are increasingly becoming slaves to their schedules. I fully agree with him. Modern workplaces demand their employees to sell not only their labor but their private life as well. The workers have to contribute their labor beyond their will. They work all around the year and have to sacrifice their holidays and vacations. They do the same work every day with little or no break. This makes them physically and mentally trying.

When they reach home, they are unable to participate in any family activities or give time to their children and wife. Their work schedule is so tight that they hardly get time to rest and think about other aspects of life. They miss all the small and big joys and happiness of their life. The company controls their freedom to live their private life. They work like machines continuously throughout their service period and are treated as slaves by their employers. In fact, they are increasingly becoming slaves to their schedules.


Examine the degree to which traditional gender roles and expectations have changed in your culture over the last thirty years.

Ans: In my culture, there are many traditional gender roles or images of males and females. In my patriarchal society, males are thought to be free, powerful, superior, strong, confident, sturdy, ambitious, brave, rich, active, intelligent, clever, adventurous, fearless, competitive, independent and so on. Right from the birth, the boys are socialized in such a way that they can internalize these gender roles. On the other hand, females in our culture are given little space and importance. They are thought to be gentle, domestic, patient, passive, beautiful, obedient, kind, sexy, talkative, jealous, moody, romantic, fashionable, dependent, nurturing and as sex objects.

Over the last few decades, these traditional images of males and females have been changing. The ads, media, films, lessons at schools etc have begun to portray the females in equal, powerful roles like males. Females have begun to adopt traditional gender roles of males and even the males have started to adopt traditional gender roles of females. Even the role reversals can be found in some situations.

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Compulsory English Questions Answer 2068

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