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Compulsory English – Grade XI | Exam Paper 2075

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Compulsory English Exam Paper 2075

NEB – Grade XI 2075 (2018) Compulsory English | Sub. Code : 002’A’

Candidates are required to give their answers in their own words as far as practicable. The figures in the margin indicate full marks.

Time: 3 hrs. | Full Marks: 100

Attempt all the questions. 3

  1. a) Put the following words in the correct alphabetical order

decent, decant, decay, debris, debrief, decamp

b) In which quarter of the dictionary do you find the following words? 2

hungry, ring, thumb, finger

2. a) Choose the correct word from the following pairs of words. 2

i) As a student, your hand writing should not be …. (legible/ illegible)

ii) People love to give ….. to others. (advice/ advise)

iii) Look the students are ….. their examination. (taking/ giving)

iv) When will the new constitution come into ….? (effect/ affect)

b) Put the following words in a proper order to make suitable sentences. 3

i) The/ must/ bus/ he/ have/ caught.

ii) Does/ her/ have/ what/ she/ hand/ in?

iii) Never/ late/ than/ better/ proverb/ the/ says.


3. Write a conversation between two friends who are planning to visit a new school. 5

4. Answer any two of the following questions. 2×10=20

a. What specific problem does Asimov mention in his essay “The Nightmare life without fuel”? (The Nightmare Life without Fuel)

b. “A Worn Path” is story of unconscious heroism of Phoenix Jackson. Elaborate it. (A Worn Path)

c. Malini is a play of “Love and Hatred”. Explain this statement in the context of the play “Malini”. Also write how Malinit shows her greatness at the end of the play. (Malinit)

5. Answer any three of the following questions. 3×5=15

a) Rosa said “False hope is not good”. When does hope become false? (The Lost Doll)

b) Is unchopping a tree possible? What does the writer ask us to do indirectly? (Unchopping a Tree)

c) Why is Barbara Hlland not in favour of having plural children? (Speaking of children)

d) Summarize the poem “On the Vanity of Earthly Greatness”.


6. Read the following passage and answer the questions given below. 5×2=10

Everyday, millions of us climb into our card and set off on journeys to work, to the shops, or just to enjoy ourselves. And once inside our cars, few of us are inclined to spare a thought for the environmental impact of driving in heavy traffic. Advertising consistently portrays cars as symbols of personal status and freedom, and source of comfort and convenience.

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But the costs of our car-dependent life styles are becoming increasingly serious. The hours long traffic jams, demand for new roads, increasing air pollutions and threat of climate change are all issues we must tackle sooner rather than later. Nearly all countries have traffic problems, which can be hard to solve. It is a well known fact that cars and buses unlike bicycles use lots of petrol and create great deal of pollution. Local people can reduce some of the problems by choosing to walk rather drive. If we can’t get people to walk or share vehicles, we should put more pressure on scientists to build solar powered to electric engines.


a) Why do people climb into their cars?

b) How does advertising portray the cars?

c) What serious issues should we tackle sooner or later?

d) What is the obvious truth mentioned in the text?

e) How can local people reduce the problem of traffic jam?


7. Answer two of the following. 10×2=20

a) Write a letter to your friend describing the recent political changes in your country and people’s feeling about it.

b) Write a job application for the post of an office assistant to the Manager of Himal Power Company. State your age, relevant qualifications, experiences and training. Write XYZ in the place of address and name.

c) Write an essay on “Environmental Pollution” in about 200 words.

8. Change the following sentences using used to. 5

a) I was in love with her.

b) We went to school together.

c) How did you spend the winter evening.

d) Trains were driven by steam at one time.

e) They did not go out in those days.

9. Construct passive sentences for each of the following. Choose the most suitable verb from the list. 5

a) America (Christopher Columbus)

b) St. Pau’s Cathedral (Christopher Wren)

c) London (Fire 1666)

d) Penicillin (Alexander Fleming)

e) Mona Lisa (Leonardo Da Vinci)

(destroy, invent, discover, build, paint)


10. Rewrite the following sentences using having or being whichever is appropriate. 5

a) I adore people giving me expensive presents.

b) I love people taking my breakfast to me in bed.

c) I enjoy people taking me to expensive restaurant.

d) I love people taking my photograph.

e) I have people asking my age in public.

11. Write two sentences using when and while. 5

Example: Meet my old friend/ I go to bazzar. I …………exa……………..

I met my old friend while I was going to bazzar.

I was going to bazaar when I met my old friend.

a) Find a Rs.100 note/ do the washing. He ………..

b) Hear the news/ have dinner. We ……………..

c) Read a novel/ fall asleep. I ……………….

d) Get on the bus/ be arrested. She ……………………

e) Lose consciousness/ throw water on the flames. He ……………………

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