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Compulsory English BA second year 2069 | Questions answer Group B

Table of Contents

Group ‘B’

Attempt ALL the questions.

11. Read all the passage given below and answer the respective questions:

a. The Undersea World of Sound

The Vast oceans of the world are dark, deep and mysterious places where eyesight counts for title as soon as you venture very far beneath the surface.

Four humans, who live in world dominated by visual stimuli, to exist in such conditions would be impossible. But for whales and dolphins that live in the ocean or, in case of a few species, muddy rivers and estuaries, the darkness is unimportant. What is crucial to them is sound.

Sound is an efficient way to transmit and sense information, especially as it travel five times faster through water than through air. If humans shout to someone, it is unlikely that they will be heard a kilometer away, but a whale ‘shouts’ in an ocean channel, another whale may hear it tens, if not hundreds, of kilometers away.

Whales and dolphins use sound in two ways: for communication and for echolocation. Dolphins, porpoises and toothed whales communicate through a wide variety of high-frequency sounds-pure tone whistles, pulsed squeals, screams or barks-generally at frequencies of 500 Hz to 20 kHz (where a hertz is a cycle per sound and kilohertz a thousand).

But as well as using sounds to communicate, toothed whales and dolphins also rely on echolocation to learn about their immediate environment, including prey that might be lurking nearby. They produce intense short broad-band pluses of sound in the ultrasonic range of between 0.25 and 220 kHz. These clicks are brief-typically less than one millisecond long-but they are repeated many times each second.

  1. What is the writer’s main purpose in this passage?

a. to explain the function of whale and dolphins sounds

b. to account for the development of underwater sounds

c. to compare the sounds made by whales and dolphins

d. to give the result of his studies on underwater sounds

Ans: a. to explain the function of hale and dolphin sounds

2. The passage has five paragraphs. Which paragraph contains the following information?

a. contrast between the speed of sound in and out of the ocean

Ans: 3rd Paragraph

b. a reference to how whale and dolphin noises can help them find food

Ans: 5th Paragraph

c. a description of what it is like under the sea

Ans: 1st Paragraph

d. the names of a range of noises whales and dolphins make underwater

Ans: 4th Paragraph

e. description of various places whales and dolphins can be found

Ans: 2nd Paragraph

B. Magazine circulations are in the millions and advertising revenue is rising, despite the growth of TV and electronic media, reports David Short.

Print is dead yet-at least not when it comes to magazines. Despite ever growing competition from television and electronic media, a new report shows that worldwide advertising expenditure in consumer magazines has doubled over the past decade.

The report shows that many magazines in Europe continue to enjoy circulations in the millions. Although there are more and more television channels, whether cable, satellite, terrestrial, analogue, or digital, and despite the incursion of the Internet, magazines are still a regular shopping or subscription item.

Advertising expenditure worldwide was $225 billion last year, according to the report World Magazines Trends. $32 billion of this, or 14%, was taken by magazines. In Europe, the share of consumer magazine expenditure was $12 billion or 21% of an estimated overall spend of $57 billion. But the share had dropped in the past 15 years from 30% with decline having been particularly severe in Belgium and Germany, where commercial television was introduced relatively late.

However, the type of magazines which Europeans choose to flip through still varies dramatically according to country, few sings that the European magazine with a common title is making inroads across nations. Interests which can create top-selling titles in one country are nowhere to be seen in the circulation lists of others.

But Whatever their relative importance across the world, magazines have one real advantage over broadcast media. For advertisers such as tobacco and alcohol producers, which are barred and server, restricted on television in some countries, magazines remain a safe haven for their message. And new French research has revealed that magazines are still powerful tools for owners of brands.

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  1. Choose the sentence that best summarizes the main idea in each paragraph of the text.

a. The amount of money spent on magazine advertising is increasing.

b. The rivalry between magazines and other media is surprising.

c. Some magazines sell better than others.

Ans: a. The amount of money spent on magazine advertising is increasing.

2nd Paragraph

a. Magazines are more popular than they used to be.

b. A lot of people are still reading magazines.

c. TV is more available than ever.

Ans: b. A lot of people are still reading magazines.

3rd Paragraph

a. Europe allocates a greater proportion of its advertising budget to magazines than the world average.

b. Belgium and Germany spend more on magazine advertising than other European countries.

c. The figures of magazines advertising in Europe are decreasing.

Ans: The figures of magazines advertising in Europe are decreasing.

5th Paragraph

a. Cigarette advertising is banned in some countries.

b. Magazines advertise a smaller range of products than television.

c. There are fewer limitations on magazines advertising than TV advertising.

Ans:c. There are fewer limitations on magazines advertising than TV advertising.

12. Choose the correct word from the box that is the nearest synonym to the words listed below. Make correct sentences using words in the box as well.

Approaching Clairvoyance Destruction Feeble Risky
Offensive Zeal Groundless Drawback Self control


1.Damage 2.Forthcoming 3.Intuition 4.Qutrageous 5.Fervor
6.Week 7.Baseless 8.Poise 9.Dangerous 10.Defect


  1. Damage –   Destruction
  2. Forthcoming –   Approaching
  3. Intuition –   Clairvoyance
  4. Outrange –   Offensive
  5. Fervor –    Zeal
  6. Weak –    Feeble
  7. Baseless –    Groundless
  8. Poise –   Self control
  9. Dangerous –   Risky
  10. Defect – Drawback

13. Write the meaning of the following idioms and use them properly in sentences.

a. to bang one’s head against the wall

b. to rain cats and dogs

c. to pull someone’s leg

d. be sitting on a goldmine

e. man of few words

Ans: (a) Idiom : to bang one’s head against a wall.

Meaning : to waste time on a hopeless activity

Sentence : It’s a critical time. Hurry up, don’t bang your head against a well.

(b) Idiom : To rain cats and dogs

Meaning : To rain heavily

Sentence : It rained cats and dogs while we were playing football.

(c) Idiom : to pull someone’s leg

Meaning : to play a joke on someone by saying something that is not true

Sentence : Don’t worry, I have just pulled your leg.

(d) Idiom :  be sitting on a oldmine

Meaning : to own something valueable

Sentence : The man was sitting on a goldmine when he came from Japan with a lot of money

(e) Idiom : man of few words

Meaning : Intellectual

Sentence : Mr. Thapa is a man of few words.

14. Read the following pair of statements and identify whether they have the same or different things.

a. Approximately 9 million immigrants were legally admitted to the country in the last decade of the 20th century. In the 1990s, the total number of legal immigrants entering the country was about 9 million.
b. John is going to perform a major surgery tomorrow. John is going to have a major operation tomorrow.
c. One of the obstacles to developing an effective response to the HIV/AIDS epidemic is people’s unwillingness to be honest about their sexual behavior. People are reluctant to be honest about their sexual behavior; this is one factor that makes it difficult to develop successful program to fight HIV/AIDS.
d. The television program contained an objective analysis of the effects of the government’s immigration policy. The television program included an unbiased examination of the impact of the government’s immigration policy.
e. The latest polls reflect approval of the government’s immigration policy by a majority of the public. The latest polls indicate the most people are not in favour of the government’s policy on immigration.

Ans: a. Similar      b. Diffferent     c. Similar      d. Similar       e. Different

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Group B 2069

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