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Group B

  1. Read the following passage and answer the questions given below: [6+4=10]

Hormones may also have an impact on certain differences in brain functions. Jerre Levy of the University of Chicago has found differences in the way male and female brains are organized. In Levy’s view, men’s brains work in such a way as to give them superior visual-spatial skills, while women’s brains may give them an advantage in verbal skills. Men are therefore better at dealing with abstract concepts; women are more effective in picking up information from the surrounding environment about people, sounds and so forth. These brain differences may result from the release of certain hormones at critical periods of prenatal development.

From the point of view of human evolution, such differences make sense. Men were the hunters and needed good visual skills. In addition, they had to be extremely goal-oriented to succeed in their work. Women lived in a group and took care of children and the sick; thus, sensitivity to others was a crucial skill.


a. Summarize the given paragraphs, each in one sentence.

Ans: Men and women have different brain functions because of hormones and men’s brain gives them superior visual-spatial skills so that they are better at dealing with abstract concepts whereas women’s brain makes them able to collect information from the surrounding.

From the beginning men were the hunters and they are goal-oriented whereas women lived in a group to care for children and the sick.

These patterns had survival and reproduction value.

b. Make a table and explain male traits and female traits as discussed in the passage.


Male traits Female traits
Men’s brain gives superior visual spatial. Women’s brain works in verbal skills.
Men are better at dealing with abstract concepts. Women are able to pick information from the surrounding
Men are hunters and need good visual skills. Women live in a group to take care of children and sick.
They are goal oriented.


  1. Prepare works cited of the following information in MLA Method. [5]

Book: Making Connections
Writer: Kenneth J. Pakenham
Publisher Cambridge University Press
Published Year 2005
Place of Publication New Delhi

Ans: Work Cited

Pakenham, Kenneth J. Making Connections New Delhi, Cambridge University Press, 2005.

  1. ‘Internet has decreased the quality of teaching-learning system’. Justify the statement relating your arguments with David Rothenberg’s essay “How the Web Destroys the Quality of Student’s Research Paper.’

Ans: The essay entitles “How the Web Destroys the Quality of Student’s Research Paper” written by David Rothenberg’s talk that the Internet has decreased the quality of teaching and learning system. Instead of reading the original textbook, students have started totally depending on the Internet. They have left reading the textbooks. There is no originality in their research papers. The Internet has made the student’s lazy. Most of the student’s research papers are primarily based on information collected from the Web. Students collect data and information from the Internet without citing the source.

Pictures and graphs are inserted neatly into the body of the student’s text by just browsing the Web. They look impressive as if they were the result of careful work and analysis, but actually, they often bear little relation to the precise subject of the paper. Students totally depend on the summary of the summary. There is no originality, creativity, and the thoughtfulness of the students in their research papers. The act of linking and networking and randomly jumping from here to there become as an exciting instrument of intellectual value. Instead of citing and exerting knowledge from the library and original textbooks, students start depending on the easy access of the Internet. Student’s research papers are bound to be the summary of fragmented and superficial knowledge.

The emergence of the Internet has decreased the quality of the research papers. Students have significantly depended on the easy access of the Internet. They download irrelevant matters form the Internet without citing the sources. The writer has shown that students become lazy due to the immense use of the Internet. It is very difficult for the teacher to find the original thoughts of the students. David Rothenberg has stated that students should be discouraged to depend on the Internet to do their research work. They should be encouraged to dig out original thought from the textbooks. We should teach them to read the textbooks.


After reading Nicholas Gage’s writing “The Teacher Who Changed My Life”, did you find Gage’s balance or not? What are the qualities of good teachers and good student’s?

Ans: The essay entitled “The Teacher Who Changed My Life” written by Nicholas Gage talks about an inspirational teacher who paved the way for his career as a writer. In this essay, the writer has given his own personal experiences when he was a student in the USA. As a war refugee, the writer has migrated into the USA from Greece at the age of nine. He has faced many problems land. He has shifted indifferent schools within the short period of time.

The essay talks about the quality of a good teacher. The writer himself was inspired and encouraged by his teacher named Marjorie Hurd. She not only teaches her student’s but also tries to know their capacities. One day, she asked her students to take part in the essay writing contest. She asked her students to write about their own personal experience, pathos and suffering rather than writing about national heroes. As a good teacher, she not only teaches inside the classroom but also inspires the students outside the classroom to do better in their lives. The essay also talks about the quality of good students as well. The good students always follow the instruction of the teacher. The writer himself tried his level best to do better in his life. He submitted his assignment on time and took part in different kinds of programs organized by the college.

The good teachers not only teach inside the classroom but also try to know the personal problems of the students. They always inspire the students to do better in their lives. The good teacher gives instruction to the students outside the classroom. They try to know the students individually and they maintain the harmonious relationship with the students. They don’t like to maintain the gap between the students. Marjorie Hurd is a perfect example of the good teacher. She’s contributed to the students and sacrificed her life for the betterment of the students. She tried to hear the personal of the students. She inspired the students. Due to her inspiration, the writer becomes a reputed journalist and writer.

Likewise, good students always follow the instruction given by the teachers. Students always take part in different kinds of extra-curricular activities. They don’t hesitate to express their personal pathos, problems, and suffering. They try to struggle to achieve the expected goal in their lives. The writer, Nicholas Gage is a perfect example of a good student. He not only takes part in classroom activities but also in different contests organized by the college. He’s taken the instruction given by the teacher properly. He personally respects the teacher. The essay is well balanced because it talks about both good teachers and student.

  1. Examine a cultural pattern in your country that you think a foreign visitor should be aware of in order to adjust more easily and avoid inter-cultural conflicts and misunderstanding. Consider such things as values, beliefs, communication styles and concepts of time. [10]

Ans: Culture is the guiding principle of society. Different cultures have different kinds of cultural norms and values. In order to avoid inter-cultural conflicts and misunderstanding, foreigners should be aware of the new culture. We have our own cultural norms and values which are totally different from those of other cultures. In our culture, we would like to show our gratitude by asking personal things of the visitors. We also feel comfortable to tell about our personal things to the visitors. In order to show intimacy, we would like to help the visitors and at the time we would expect the same sort of help from the friends. We don’t like to be appreciated by the other persons. We’d like to show intimacy with the foreigners by disclosing personal things.

We would like to visit friends frequently. People from other culture may not feel comfortable to be visited frequently. People in our culture don’t accept the offer in the first request. They only accept the offer after the third or fourth request. We normally suppose that accepting the offer in the first request is an awkward and rude behavior. According to our values and beliefs, we should not hurt the foreigners by directly refusing their request. We try to show our readiness to help others even if we are unable to help them. We suppose that refusing someone’s request is an offensive behavior. But foreign visitors may have different kinds of cultural norms and beliefs.

Similarly, we don’t express our personal feelings and ideas to the foreigners. We try to show our courtesy by using an indirect expression. We don’t like to be praised by the others even if we have done well. Foreign people feel comfortable when other people praise them. We have our own sense of time. We’re not punctual to reach the destination on the assigned time. We don’t respect the time. We don’t feel uncomfortable if someone doesn’t arrive on the assigned time. But foreign people are conscious of the concept of time.

They always respect the time and reach the destination on time. They regret and feel uneasy if they are unable to arrive on the promised time. So, the foreign visitors should be aware of these things about our culture in order to avoid the inter-cultural misunderstanding and conflicts. In order to make inter-cultural communication effective, linguistic knowledge of other culture is not sufficient. We should know the cultural norms and values of other culture to make inter-cultural communication effective.


Consider whether females or males are more restricted by conventional gender in your country.

Ans: In our country, form the beginning females are more restricted and they aren’t allowed to move freely outside the house. Kitchen world is sufficient for them. Their role in the family is to look after the family and care for sick persons. They are deprived of basic the family traditional society people suppose that education for girls is an unnecessary thing. Parents suppose that girls will go to other person’s house. They think that sending them to school is unnecessary. The family doesn’t allow girls to get a higher education. Even at school, they are discriminated by teachers.

For girls, different kinds of courses are designed to form those of boys. They are advised to take nursing, home science, and teaching courses. Most of the women are not allowed to work outside the house. They are limited within the territory. They are totally depended on male counter partners. Even media and fairy tales present that female’s role is to stay at home. They show that women are weaker and they need the support of males. While caring the children, girls are protected by the parents. The very treatment of the family makes the females feel weaker than males.

From the beginning go their lives, girls are taught to do household work and help their mother. Boys, on the other hand, are expected to do the work outside the house. They are not restricted to go outside the house. They can come home anytime and inherit the parental property. Girls are prohibited to be her of the parental property. So, there is prevalent in social discrimination in society on the basis of gender. Girls cannot exercise equal opportunity in the society as that of boys.

  1. Transform the following words into different parts of speech as indicated. [5]

Perform (n) Reason (adj) Credible (adv) Analysis (v) Education (adj)
Good (adv) Faith (adj) Beauty (v) Poor (n) Agree (n)

Ans: Perform – Performance (n)

Reason – Reasonable (adj)

Credible – Credibly (adv)

Analysis – Analyse (v)

Education – Educational (adj)

Good – Well (adv)

Faith – Faithful (adj)

Beauty – Beautify (v)

Poor – Poverty (n)

Agree – Agreement (n)

  1. Write a newspaper article on the Image of Women in Nepali Advertisement. [10]

Ans:                                                                                                    Aug 6, 2017, Kathmandu

The image of women has been presented negatively in Nepali Advertisement to influence the customers. The media advertisers use different kinds of propaganda to influence customers by presenting the beautiful images of women in the advertisement. The advertisers get benefits by misusing their images. They use different kinds of techniques to make the customers buy their products. The advertisers suppose that the image of women draws the attention of the customers. They think that the image of beautiful women uplifts the status of the company.

By exposing their beautiful image in the advertisement, women feel that they are being liked and observed by others. They don’t know that they are being exploited and misused by the advertisers. They have a sense of false belief that presenting their images in the advertisement makes them popular. The advertisers present the images cover a wide range of customers and make them believe that the advertised things are a range of customers use the visual images of beautiful women to good. The advertisers use the visual images of beautiful women to influence the audiences. Advertisers suppose that the beautiful images of women create a good impression to the public. The audiences realize that these beautiful women are directly looking at them.


Write a newspaper article on ‘Hectic Life of Urban People’.

Ans:                                                                                                               Aug 6, 2017, Kathmandu

People who live in the city areas are busy. They are under the pressure of doing several responsibilities to be completed. It is very difficult to stay in the city areas. People have to earn a lot of money to fulfill their basic needs. Living cost in the city areas is getting high day by day. Some people believe that the condition of urban life harms the people.

The huge number of people and great social diversity of cities led to alienation and stress. Even if people are living close to each other, they are psychologically alone. They don’t have leisure time to meet their friends, relatives and so on. People in the city areas are becoming selfish and alienated day by day. They don’t share the problem and pathos of other people due to their hectic schedule. There suppose that they have to earn money to run their family smoothly. There are several problems such as heavy taxes, high rent, homelessness, unemployment and so on in the city areas. Because of these problems, people in the city areas have to be busy.

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