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The Clock Tower – Four Levels of Interactions | Flax Golden Tales

The Clock Tower – Four Levels of Interactions | Flax-Golden Tales

the clock tower 4 levels

The Clock Tower – Bhupi Sherchan (Translated by Padma Devkota)

Literal Comprehension

The poem “The Clock Tower” is written by Bhupi Sherchan and translated by Padma Devkota. The poet has talked about his retired army life and relationship between young and old age. His old military outfits are cut by rats. Some are the term. He finishes some outfits by distributing one by one to his kith and kin. He has saved only two souvenirs of his military life. One is an old modeled, large, round pocket, water and other is an ancient hat. The poet has compared himself as a pensioned senior vet. Who is passing his monotonous days casting the bait in the Rani Pokhari; He stands regularly on the bank of Rani Pokhari and broods Ghantaghar, the Clock Tower.


The poem may be trying to tell us that time and waits for none. The poet was an army in his young age and passed a very fantastic life. But now he is old and passing retired monotonous life. The poem is also trying to show old people’s feelings of loneliness and uncertainty due to their old age and retired life. It may also be trying to show that old people involve in many activities like fishing, hunting etc. to kill the monotonous moments in life.

Critical Thinking

Although the poem is very interesting to read and is in favor of old people, there are some points in the poem with which I don’t agree. The poem sees to be saying that retired life is monotonous and full of anxieties which is not true. The retired life can also be interesting and fun. All the old people who are passing retired life may not have monotonous life. Is it possible that a pensioned army can stand forever on the bank of Rani Pokhari? Is it good to be pessimistic due to old age?


After reading this poem, I remembered my uncle who retired from the army last year. He seems to be passing very monotonous life. So he keeps himself busy working in the kitchen garden and rearing cattle.

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