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Clarifying – Meaning into Words | Grade XII

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Clarifying – Meaning Into Words
For: Class 12 | Solution of Work Book
Unit 3: Clarifying

meaning into words

1. Change the following sentences into indirect narration.E

a. “Shall we take sandwiches?”

Ans: They asked if they would take sandwiches.

b. “Do you think I should buy some spare batteries?”

Ans: He wanted to know if he should buy some space batteries.

c. “What does it feel like to be hypnotized?”

Ans: He asked what it felt like to be hypnotized.

d. “Please, you must help me! I don’t know what to do?”

Ans: She begged me to help her.

2. Correct the following as in the below:W

Example:Doctors look after your teeth.

It isn’t doctors who look after your teeth. It is dentists.

a. Marco Polo discovered America.

Ans: It wasn’t Marco Polo who discovered America. It was Columbus.

b. The sun causes the tides.

Ans: It isn’t the sun that causes the tides. It is the moon.

c. Democracy started in Italy.

Ans: It wasn’t Italy where democracy started. It was in England.

3. Change the following questions into information questions:

a. Are there four/five/six of you?

Ans: How many of you are there?

b. Are you Rita’s cousin/ brother/ nephew?

Ans: Who are you to Rita?

c. Are we having tomato/ chicken/ mushroom soup today?

Ans: Which flavor of soup are you having today?

d. Was it raining/ foggy/ cold when you were in London?

Ans: How was the weather like when you were in London?

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4. Combine the following pair of sentences into indirect questions:

Example:What does he do for a living? I often wonder.

I often wonder what he does for a living.

a. What are you coming back from Jomsom? Have you decided yet?

Ans: Have you decided yet when you are coming back from Jomsom?

b. did you ever find your lost book? I wanted to know.

Ans: I wanted to know if you ever found your lost book.

c. Did the hailstorm destroy the crops? The minister wants to know.

Ans: The minister wants to know if hailstorm destroyed the crops.

d. Did the lab boy get angry? Did you notice?

Ans: Did you notice if the lab boy got angry?

e. What are your parents busy with? The CEO wants to know.

Ans: The CEO wants to know what my parents were busy with.

5. Complete the following sentences.

a. I’m starving. I could eat a horse.

But you told me just now ……

Ans: You had been to the party.

b. Oh look! Its raining.

What? But they said on the weather forecast ……

Ans: It would be a sunny day.

c. The rent’s a $50 a week.

But when I spoke to you earlier you said ……

Ans: That it was $24 a week.

d. Can I have one of your cigarettes?

But I thought ……

Ans: You left smoking.

e. Didn’t get me a ticket?

No, I don’t realize ……

Ans: That you had been interested to go with us.

6. Rewrite the following questions into information questions.

Example:What are golf balls made of?

Do you know what golf balls are made of/a.

a. What time did you wake up this morning?

Can you remember ……?

Ans: Can you remember at what time did you woke up?

b. Was he alone?

Did you notice ……?

Ans: Did you notice if he was alone?

c. When are they getting married?

I’m longing to know ……?

Ans: I’m longing to know when they are getting married?

d. Has the train left?

Have you found out if the train has left?

Ans: Have you found out if the train are getting married?

e. How much do touch – screen laptops cost these days?

Have you any idea …?

Ans: Have your any idea how much touch – screen laptops cost these days?

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