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How is the check-in process carried out? – Hotel Management – Chapter 3 | Grade XI

Chapter – 3: Front Office Department

Short Answer Questions

  1. How is the check-in process carried out? Explain. [5]

Ans: The hotel check-in process starts from guest arrival at the hotel. The job includes welcome ad receive, registration, room assign and placing the baggage in their room. The job is completed by doorman, bellboys, receptionist, information and lobby manager. A general process of check-in process in given below:

1st Step: The very first step is to greet and receive the guest by doorman. He receives and buzz the bell to inform the bellboys at the bell desk.

2nd Step: By receiving the buzz he rush to help the guest with their luggage. He greets the guest and makes them to feel comfortable as if they have arrived to their home. Collects the baggage, count them and lead guest to the reception.

3rd Step: Guest contact at the counter and completes the registration process, information desk provides necessary information, welcome process is completed. Then room key and Errand card is handed to bellboys.

4th Step: Bellboy lead the guest to their room

5th Step: Bellboy opens the guest room, place the guest baggage at right places and brief about the light, AC, TV, music, internal locking and other facilities available in the room.

6th Step: Offer any other services as per guest request.

7th Step: Bellboy reports back to the reception and bell desk.

  1. Explain in brief about the functions of front office department. [5]

Ans: Front Office is one of the most important sections of a tourist hotel. This unit is responsible for the sale of hotel rooms. It does the reservation, receives and registers the guests, assigns the rooms and acts as a continuous source of information to the guests during their stay at the hotel and finally collects the dues for the services provided. It functions as the “nerve center”. The front office performs their jobs in front of visitors like the actor on stage. Most of the visitor’s impression is the first encounter of the hotel staff. The front office is the first and last point of contact of every guest. So the department is termed as “image building”. The department also develops and maintains up-to-date database of guest information, guest services and ensures guest satisfaction.

In small hotels under the direct supervision of the owner or the management the Front Office is known as Hotel Reception. But in a big organization it includes different departments and their job is more specific and specialized.

  1. Generates and collects the revenue: They receive guests, allocate rooms and other facilities and collect the payment. At the same time they motivate the guest to spend more on various hotel facilities.
  2. Nerve system: Front Office is the co-ordinates different departments within the hotel and maintains god relation with external service agencies such as travel agencies, airlines, etc.
  3. Point of Contact: This is the Reference point. Every departments contact Front Office to leave or receive information in relation to guest service. In house guest also contact this point to receive and leave information. In the same way visitors, government/ local authorities, agents contact this point for information.
  4. A Problem Solver: Being the center of communication it receives the guest complaints. So the staffs should be diplomatic and resourceful to solve the problem at the shortest possible time. They channel the communication in case of emergency, accident, lost and found, death, etc. The image of front office staffs their manner, dress, communication skill, personal conduct their efficiency determines the class of hotel. So they are known as image-builders.

3. List and explain the various attributes essential for front office personnel. [5]

Ans: Front office is one of the most important sections of a tourist hotel. This unit is responsible for the sale of hotel rooms and services. It does reservation, receives guests. So this is the face of the hotel. The front office personal is the first and person a guest contact and leaves long term impact on customer. Some of the attributes of a Front office personal is discussed below:

  • Personal hygiene: Uniforms must be clean and neatly pressed. Hair should be trimmed well. Nials must be manicured. They must look smart and efficient. As their appearance represents the establishment.
  • Self-confident: The front office personnel come in contract with different countries, status and culture. The guest must feel comfortable dealing with hotel staffs.
  • Communication skill: It is the preferable that front office staffs know more than one language as they come in contract with different nationals.
  • Diplomacy: One must learn to answer politely when customers are too demanding.
  • Good memory: The front office staff must have the ability to remember their gust names and service asked by the guests.
  • Physical fitness: It requires a long working hour.

Hotel is the quality business and service is provided by the staffs so quality of staff is the quality of hotel. So one must be cheerfull and logical, knowledge all the time.

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