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Cell Biology

Cell: Cell is basic unit of life.

Cell Theory: modern (recent) propose that or living organisms are composed of basic unit for as cell. Cells are similar in chemical composition and metabolic activities. All cells arise from the pre-existing cells. The cells are structured and functional unit of life. The growth of any organisms occur cell division and cell growth. Life passes from one generation to another generation in the cell. A cell can also be called as hereditary unit which transfers one generation to another.

Different between unicellular and multicellular

Unicellular Multicellular
The body of unicellular organisms consists of single cell which carries out all life process. The body consists of many cells and different cell propound differences cell.
The cell size ranges from 11 micrometer 1 n.m. The cell size is larger than unicellular organisms.
The cell unicellular organisms in surficientty large to accommodate different types of structure which are necessary for the cell growth The cells are of different sizes and they perform species functions.
The unicellular cell does not show wide range of functions of different. The cells are efficient for perform various functions.
Any injury can liead to the death the unicellular cell. They have greater capacity of survival to the different an environment and any type of injury.

Different between prokaryotic cell and eukaryotic cell

Prokaryotic cell Eukaryotic cell
In prokaryotic the necules is insipinite type is that is the necules does not have neculer membrane. The neculers is true neculers that is neculear membrane is present.
Prokaryotic do not have other membrane bound cell organisms such as mitochodnria endoplasma protein etc. Eukaryotics have membrane cell organialls.
The prokaryotic have 70s ribosome. The eukaryotic is have 80s ribosome.
The size of prokaryotics ranges from 100-200 n.m. The size ranges from 1000-100000 n.m.
Transcription and translation takes place in cytoplasm. Transcription takes place in necules and translation in cytoplasm.
Prokaryotics have cell wall which is non cellulosic. The cell wall than present in  plant cell wntains cellulosic.
Prokaryotic cell division takes place by of amitosis. Cell division takes place by mitosis, meosis, amitosis.

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