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Business Communication Solved Exam Question Paper | BBS 2nd Year

Solutions of New Model Questions-2071

Time: 3 hrs                                            Full Marks: 100

                                                                Pass Marks: 35

Candidates are expected to answer the questions in their own words as far as practicable. The figures in the margin indicated full marks.

Answer all the questions

1. Answer any TWO of the followings: [15 marks]

a. Think about your country over the past five years, what it is like now, and how it might change in the next five years. Include the following topics in your essay.

– Lifestyles and the standard of living

– The economy

– The government

– Relations with other countries

Ans: Our Country: Past and next five years

Development and changes are ever evolving phenomena. Over the past five years or so, a great many changes have been taken place in the sectors like lifestyles, standard of living, economy, politics and foreign relations. Some changes have become positive but some have taken place negatively. In the name of modernization, people have become more standard. They have habituated to use modern gadgets like iphone, ipad and others. They have chosen to live the facilitated life living in flats and apartments. Domestic tourism has become easy activities like normal holidays. To be well connected among the people, they have used the internet and social media as a fashion.

Another aspect of development and change is the economy. Tourism has flourished very smoothly. A number of developmental programs related to transportation, communication, hydropower, modern agriculture, etc. have achieved qualitative changes. Five years duration has brought rapid and massive changes in communication and technology.

Politics is very unstable in country. There is no positive and qualitative progress in case of politics, governance, and policy formation. People have great expectations from the government and constituent assembly but nothing noticeable progress has taken place yet. The optimism of people is slowly going down in terms of law and system for peace and stability.

We can see a wide relation enhancement with technology. Individually people are well familiar with the major places of the world. Either in the name of study tours or works, Nepalese people have widely visited major countries like America, Australia, Korea, Japan England as very common grounds to make frequent up and down trips. Nepal got some progress in identifying herself in the world via tourism. It has brought millions of tourists from abroad. Technology has played supportive roles to have this result.

The present scenario of development shows the pace of development and change as ever evolving and going on in the duration of past five years. It also predicts so many changes will have taken place in the next five years as well. Most importantly, in the field of communication, science and human life will be more massive changes will have occurred. The facilities and human life will be more comfortable though there will be have been a number of threats and challenges on the other side. The life will be highly luxurious but with so many difficulties.

b. Report the various stages of a labor dispute, from early discontent through to a satisfactory solution.

Ans: This is a report on the various stages of a labor dispute from early discontent through to a satisfactory solution. The concept of labor dispute emerges the moment the terms and conditions are not appropriately exercised. In other words, when code and conduct are not fairly run, dispute occurs of any type. If the healthy relation between employer and employee is dismissed, there remains the state of dispute. This should be timely settled appropriately and with justice to both parties.

When any dispute occurs in any organization, creative remedies should be applied to solve it. Normally, following type of methods should be adopted to settle down the conflicts or disputes.

i. Collective Bargaining: When dispute takes a form of serious conflict there need to have proper negotiation and process of settlement of the dispute. First party employer and next party employee manage to have dialogue to search the possible solutions. The representative(s) of employees and employer(s) sit together then try find out common understanding and solutions of the conflict. What is internal law, rules and systems of work and recruitment, terms and conditions should be observed and try to bring satisfactory bottom line. If it is solved there, no more conflict will be conducted by rebel group.

ii. Grievance Handling: Mostly, in any company employees have administered the complaint against the management. In this stage, there is evaluation of level of victim and pain and how much loss the complaining side has faced.

iii. Conciliation/ Mediation: When the dispute is not solved by above procedures, this technique is adopted. Mostly, third partly mediation or conciliation is adopted here. The third party will almost convince both groups to come to the settlement of the conflict. Most of the disputes are resolved here. In this process, the terms, facilities, salaries like aspects are reviewed to settle the problem.

iv. Negotiation: This is the final stage of dispute settlement. It is also called procedure to solve the problem. In this, the government body has taken responsibility to settle the issue. Sometimes, the content of law has to be modified to settle this problem by the government body.

After the settlement of any dispute, there is very healthy and friendly working environment in the company. Afterwards, the usual works are run smoothly and actively.

c. Write, giving reasons, what would you do in the following situation? You have a brilliant idea which you tell your colleagues. One of these colleagues presents your idea to your boss without acknowledging that it was you idea.

Ans: Do you feel happy when your friend is having full credit of your master plan? Nobody becomes positive and satisfied in facing this sort of injustice. This is a good example of plagiarism where full injustice in done upon the artist and master planner. Such cases are often taken place in our life, too.

If one of my colleagues gets advantages of my brilliant idea sharing with the boss, I will feel cheated and won’t remain silent. If I had this situation, I would try first to let know to my boss that all that brilliant vision was mine not of my friend. Then, my friend will have negative remarks from my boss and I will get real credit of my noble effort. If my friend forgot our relationship still unwilling to confess his mistakes in front of the boss, I would use another strategy to solve this problem. In this case, I would present myself with my boss calmly letting him know that everything was my effort and my plan and my friend had taken benefit of opportunity and still he had not got clear strategies of its execution.

I think at the implementation level and for the honesty sake, my boss would support my idea and would provide actual credit of my concept. I would also perfect execution of the master plan and being ever loyal with the institution. I think up to this level my problem would be solved perfectly getting my credit and moral lesson to my selfish friend. Even then, in case, if the problem was not settled down I wouldn’t go back from taking legal support unless I got real compensation. The real feeling of one’s creation misuse and theft (plagiarism) is understood by real artist not by plagiators. So, I will cut off my mutual relation with my selfish friend if he doesn’t correct himself and reestablish our healthy relationship sooner.


Give instructions for someone who is going to look after your garden on your pet. The instructions and explanations should be clear and simple, and they should take into account different circumstances that might arise. Also write a suitable introduction and a suitable conclusion.

Ans: Instructions for looking after my garden:

I am going to leave my garden letting you to look after it for a week. It is very creative and dedicated task you are going to perform. To accomplish this work perfectly you must be well familiar with some of the aspects and processes. So, please follow my guidelines minutely so that it will be very easy job to you. Here are some instructions that will make you easier to look after my garden. Follow them carefully:

– First, you have to consider the nature and location of my garden; it is in highly dry place.

– To start with, the indoor plants that ever need light and less water don’t water them frequently, just only once a day.

– But, pay special attention to flowering plants which are bloomed, blooming and budding. Water them at least three times a day.

– If you have completely paid attention about flowering plants, now turn goes to look after the non-flowering plants. They need water not so frequently but in large quantity.

– At the same time, the tall and heavy plants need special support to firm them. Do this carefully.

– Now, care about nurseries where seeds are seeding and just planting. Water them with light force of water otherwise they will be stuck with soil and will be damaged.

– Clay the soil almost 10 sacks per day to set up new five nursery.

– If any of the plants are broken, damaged and withered, remove them from rest of healthy plants as soon as possible.

– One thing you shouldn’t forget working in garden is to keep the lights on and close the gate when you depart.
Instructions for looking after my pet:

Looking after my pet is very easy but very cautious task. Please follow the following instructions so that it will be easier to you to accomplish this job.

First, don’t open the gate before you are holding Jonny while taking it out for wander and toilet. Then, place the food and water in the respective pots in appropriate amount. If it is less, Jonny will cry and becomes abnormal. In every five hours’ interval place the food to it. Early morning, feed it from the store with water. After that put one pack of meat kept in fridge at noon. Do not forget to place the water with it. By the evening, again, put some quantity of food as you did in the morning. One thing you never forget is to take the dog out twice a day: in the morning 25 minutes and in the compound. Before you depart, turn on the kennel’s light and lock the door properly. Don’t forget to lock the main entrance of the house properly. Take the keys along with you.

If you follow above mentioned some procedures, I think you will accomplish your work well.

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2. Answer any FIVE of the following. [10 marks]

a. Write about a supermarket that you know well. Include some facts about the company, and details of any recent trends and changes.

Ans: Gauntamshree Supermarket

There are different types of business houses under working in Nepal. The concept of supermarket is lately established and widespread phenomena. It has become a fashion for public to visit to supermarkets and make desired shopping under the same roof. Among a host of such business complexes, Gautamshree Supermarket is one of the uprising business centers which was established in 2070 BS.

The owner of the business is Ram Prasad Gautam, a distinct personality having vision to bring changes in farming and business in the context of Nepal. The major services provided through this zone are vegetables items, fruits, footwears and clothes, foods and dairy items, and many more. Located at the very prime junction Kuleshwor, Kathmandu it has run its services in its own business complex. Basically, organic farming and its products are major concerns of the promoter.

To operate the business, the employer has recruited more than 200 employees. The most important aspect of this selling center is that all the grocery items are the products of its own organic farming. To run smooth and systematic business there is own finance and hardware department, too. To employ as many people and provide maximum services to public, to stop them from sending their money into foreign land, it has own production and selling point.

Any consumer can purchase desired items with billing system in hospitable manner. There are a convenient parking system, assisted cafeteria and separate place for rest. People are very much lolling to have fresh dairy products with unique tastes and flavors.

Lately, there is even CCTV surveillance to monitor what is happening under the business sections. There are two more billing counters added to provide faster and smooth services. It has also been facilitated to have updated publicity with its own media section. There are applied enough security personnel and technology. Some of the daily used items are comparatively cheaper so every time there is crowd of customers.

By looking all the processes, visions and systematic planning, it is sure and certain that Gautamshree will do a lot and establish itself as one of the branded and popular supermarkets in few years to come.

b. Rewrite these sentences to make them more concise.

i. It is necessary that you take every precaution when preparing to bungee jumping.

ii. And examination of the accident area was made by the police.

iii. It is not impossible that he could have done it.

iv. Helping the reader to understand what has been written is basically pretty important.

v. Achieving a high level of precision when writing is a skill that takes time to acquire.

Ans: i. Take care when preparing to bungee jump.

ii. The police examined the accident area.

iii. He could have done it.

iv. Helping the reader to understand is important.

v. Writing precisely takes time.

c. How far do differences in behavior relate to national characteristics?

Ans: Relationship between behavioral differences and national characteristics

I think there should be similar attitude of people towards their nation and citizens. This is called a sense of nationality. All should be dedicated to sacrifice for the sake of nation. In this case the nation becomes ideal and it reflects a true national characteristics.

Each individual is naturally different in their behaviors and activities. This individual difference is one aspect but there should be a proper concept of national integrity and universal brotherhood. We normally proudly introduce ourselves as Nepali since our Nepalese culture, honesty, and generous hearts show the loyalty and true humanity in the international scenarios.

There are a number of ways to respect our elders. Some bow down their head, some say Namaste, other bow down on someone’s feet, but there lies a true sense of respect. We adopt our own types of religions, but if any Nepali is killed and misbehaved, we feel sorry with a feeling of nationality. Let’s take the scenario of natural calamity took place in 2015 (2072 BS) in Nepal as Earthquake that damaged billion dollars of property and hundreds and thousands of families. In such national pathetic situation, most of Nepalese people appeared cooperative, understandable and sharing and caring to each others. Though some rouges tried to get benefits of this period but the majority of people were wailing for national problem and taking challenge and helping each other from home and abroad.

Unfortunately, policital leaders in Nepal have told lies and frequently deceived to humble people. This is why there is no peace and stability in the country. Again, there are varieties in our respective relations and in our understandings. Sometimes, we characterize our nation as unity in diversity with integrity and multiple races, classes and groups. This is special characteristics of Nepal and Nepalese people.

Most importantly, some behaviors of our forefathers and leaders or heroes we have established a distinct national characteristics. Our golden past or history has ever highlighted our unity in differences. This invaluable cultural heritage must be maintained and promoted by all Nepalese people. From an individual manner to socio-cultural patterns, differences in behaviors reflect to national characteristics in the context of Nepal.

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d. Write a letter to your friend explaining why you and your family cannot accept an invitation.

Ans: Kuleshowr, Kathmandu, June 18, 2018

Dear Sarita,

Thank you for your letter. It was my pleasure getting humble invitation to attend your daughter’s wedding. But it is sad to mention that time will not favor us to attend the ceremony though we are dying to do.

Firstly, February 16th is very tight schedule in my office. We have to handle Annual General Meeting (AGM) of our office on the very day. If myself is absent in the program, I think, it would be bad reputation. This doesn’t mean that Gita’s wedding is less significant. Still, I have to go to India during 13th and 14th of February. I could be present before wedding ceremony so that I could assist anyway.

Sorry to mention you that I am no longer be able to present in that sacret program. I tried my best to manage if I could get a chance to come there but there remained no way. Don’t take otherwise sacred. Even in my absence I will manage to send my spouse in the function. I think, our family bond and relation will not be affected in my absence in the marriage.

Anyway, arrange well and conduct better for the sweet daughter’s matrimonial bond. Convey my congratulations to her for the bright and joyful conjugal life after wedding.

I hope you will have a grand function there.

Best regards,

Viral Harry

e. Write a paragraph on how to make coffee or tea.

Ans: Making coffee

When making coffee always use pure drinking water. take a coffee pot and place it on the gas stove. Be sure that you have collected all the ingredients required for making coffee. Then light on the gas stove and pour required water into it. When it is about to boil add some sugar. If it is milk coffee, add some required amount of milk too. After that, let it be boiled for a while. Until then set a glass into which you will place your coffee. Either you put some coffee onto the bottom of the cup or the glass and pour prepared liquid over it or coffee dust can be put afterwards. Now you can have nice sip of your hot coffee.

OR, Making tea

Preparing a cup of tea is not a difficult task. To start with collect all required ingredients. Then, light the gas stove. Now, put a tea pot on it. Pour a glass of water or as much quantity for required. Let it be boiled. After that add some sugar along with tea dust if it is black tea, it is almost done when it is boiled and filtered. Add some tea spices for better flavor. At the same time if it is milk tea add some required amount of milk. Let it be boiled. Finally, when it is boiled filter the substance into the cup. Take the sip of hot tea.

f. Write a memo to all the staff of a large company, suggesting ways of economizing on the use of paper and electricity in the office.


To: All Staff From: Managing Director Date: 03.03.18

All of we know that there is huge increase in the cost of paper and stationery materials. It seems very sensible matter to keep balance or careful use of paper, electricity, etc. to maintain the daily expenses of the company normal. Otherwise, we will be compelled to cut down the staff to maintain the office.

We have seen a large quantity of paper get washed in not having proper print. If any defect is there in machines, we must maintain them at the earliest. Otherwise, such huge waste of paper is the loss of money. Again, the electricity which is highly used fuel in our company should be sensibly used. If the factory machines are run for 5 minutes without functions, it will cost thousand rupees. We must consider this aspect sincerely.

All the machinery items like computers, printers, monitors, zerox, etc. should be off before going to lunch or other breaks. Sometime some content can be printed on both sides of A4 papers that normally seems to be used singly. We have also discussed in the management about how to reduce its operation cost.

Basically, in winter season using heaters at maximum quantities causes high monthly cost. We have decided to provide some warm internal use sandal and cover clothe during the winter that will to some extent reduce some cost. To run the company smoothly is all’s responsibility. So we request all staff to have keen watch at the overuse and wastes properly.

3. Answer any TEN of the following:

a. Complete the sentences:

i. If it hadn’t rained, more people …….

ii. If you work hard, you will …… a promotion.

Ans: i. If it hadn’t rained, more people would have attended in the programme.

iii. If you work hard, you will get a promotion.

b. Write two sentences expressing appreciation.

Ans: i. I just wanted to thank you for all your hard work.

ii. I really appreciate what you did to make the program successful.

c. Complete the sentences using appropriate linking words:

i. You could pay by direct debit. …… the payment can be made be made by cash.

ii. It is six week since we put in our order. … we receive the goods by the end of this week, we will be forced to cancel.

Ans: i. You could pay by direct debit. Alternatively, the payment can be made by cash.

iii. It is six weeks since we put in our order. Unless we receive the goods by the end of this week, we will be forced to cancel.

d. Complete the sentences with one of the words in brackets:

i. Could you tell me how to get to your office? (actually, possibly)

ii. I wanted to ask you a couple of things. (just, possibly)

Ans: i. Could you possibly tell me how to get to your office?

iii. I just wanted to ask you a couple of things.

e. Match the words brand and image with the definitions below:

i. A type of product or groups of products sold using a particular name, which is often the name of the company that produces them.

ii. The impression that a person, an organization, or a product, etc. gives to other people or to the public.

Ans: i. brand

iii. image

f. Decide which countries you are going to be visiting and write down the itinerary/ schedule for the week.

Ans: I have decided to visit Dubai and Australia for the musical programmes. I along with the musical band and guest musicians have decided to attend for one week’s event. The itinerary of the week is mentioned below:

Itinerary: Artist Group Goes to Dubai and Australia

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g. change the following into reported speech:

‘You walk straight down this road until you get to a big church on the left,’ said Angela. ‘Then you turn right, walk along for about a hundred yards, and you’ll see the post office on the left.’

Ans: Angela explained (to me) how to get to the post office.

h. Put in an apostrophe where one is necessary in the following sentences:

i. Johns brothers wife went to the grocers for us.

ii. This car cant be my parents because theirs is quite old.

Ans: i. John’s brother’s wife went to the grocer’s for us.

ii. This car can’t be my parents because theirs is quite old.

i. Put an appropriate word or phrase in the following sentences to bring out the relationship between the parts:

i. Late at night buses and trains can be dangerous ……, if you want to avoid trouble, take a taxi.

ii. The tour will include visits to several places of interest, ……, the Patan Museum and the Krishna Temple.

Ans: i. Late at night buses and trains can be dangerous. In other words, if you want to avoid trouble, take a taxi.

ii. The tour will include visits to several places of interest, for instance/ for example, the Patan Museum and the Krishna Temple.

j. Put the following sentences n the right order:

i. To start with, make sure that everything is switched off.

ii. It is also a good idea at this point to check that the gas cylinder isn’t empty.

iii. Lighting a calor gas heater is easy and safe if you follow these simple instructions.

iv. Now, turn the tap on the top of the gas cylinder to ON.

Ans: iii. Lighting a calor gas heater is easy and safe if you follow these simple instructions.

i. To start with, make sure that everything is switched off.

ii. Lighting a calor gas heater is easy and safe if you follow these simple instructions.

iv. Now, turn the tap on the top of the gas cylinder to ON.

k. Suggest suitable punctuation for the following sentences:

i. The garden was decorated with colored lamps the house itself was adorned with paper chains.

ii. They made two important decisions the oldest houses would be pulled down the more recent ones would be repaired.

Ans: i. The garden was decorated with colored lamps; the house itself was adorned with paper chains.

ii. They made two important decisions: the oldest houses would be pulled down the more recent ones would be repaired.

l. Complete the following passage using the words and phrases given:

(1) …… the film we meet a young man who is obviously unhappy. We follow the man through various experience which gradually change his picture of himself although (2) …… they do not make him happier. But (3) ……, he meets a young girl, and he falls in love with her. Unfortunately, I can’t tell you what happens right (4) …… because I fell asleep before it finished.

(1) In the beginning of, First in, At the beginning of

(2) firstly, at the beginning, at first

(3) at the end, lastly, at last

(4) at last, finally, at the end

Ans: 1. At the beginning

2. at first

3. at last

4. at the end

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