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Business Communication Exam Paper 2075 | BBS 2nd Year

Business Communication Exam Paper 2075 | BBS 2nd Year

Business communication exam paper 2075.  Stay with us for more and latest updates. This is the exam paper of business communication exam paper 2075 held on Shrawan 2075 under by Tribhuvan University. Read this exam paper and do good preparation for your exam. Best of luck all the students.

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Tribhuvan University

BBS 4 Years Programme/ II Year/ MGMT | Full Marks: 100

Subject: Business Communication (MGT 205) | Time: 3 hrs.

Candidates are required to give their answers in their own words as far as practicable.

The figures in the margin indicate full marks.

Attempt all the questions.

1. Answer any two of the following: [2×15=30]

a. Imagine you work in a medium-sized office. Which of the following do you think would help motivate people and how?

  • A coffee machine
  • A casual clothes policy
  • Unlimited access to the Internet
  • An open-plan layout
  • Others

b. Which professions do you think involve extreme challenge? What sort of challenges do they involve?

c. Write, giving reasons, what you would do in the following situation. Imagine that you are under consideration for promotion. Your boss asks you to do some overtime on a evening when you have an important family meeting.

2. Answer any five of the following: [5×10=50]

a. How important is personal image in your country? What are the main status symbols. For example, luxury cars, education in private schools.

b. Before you go on a holiday to a foreign country what sort of things do you need ot find out about the country.

c. Change the following sentences into passive form if possible:

i. Security concerns didn’t worry parents generation as much as they do us.

ii. Over the last few years governments have been introducing more and more serious security measures.

iii. Always make certain that you backup computer files on a separate and removable computer drive.

iv. In recent years travelling by air has become more dangerous.

v. Criminals mostly carry out bank robberies not with a gun and a mask, but with a computer and a keyboard.

d. Write a letter of application for a job of your choose.

e. Write a report on the feasibility of flexible working hours.

f. Write a short article on the advantages and disadvantages of supermarkets compared with small shops.

3. Answer any ten of the following: [10×2=20]

a. Change the tense of the verb in the brackets to make the sentence meaningful.

i. She said she (have) this dream since childhood.

ii. Just as Vostock was due to dock with Soyuz, radio contract (lose).

b. Rewrite these sentences to make them more concise:

i. What are your future plans?

ii. The beating of the heart can be measured…

c. Choose an appropriate modal verb phrase to complete the sentence:

i. Lifts and escalators mean that department store customers don’t have to/ aren’t allowed to use the stairs.

ii. Faculty items can/should be taken to the customer service department.

d. Complete the sentences with about, into, or though:

i. Certain formalities have to be gone ___ before you can emigrate

ii. She has gone ___ teaching.

iii. How should I go ___ finding a job.

iv. She’s been going ___ a bad patch recently.

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e. Complete the response appropriately

i. I’ve lost my keys. You/leave/at/home.

ii. She says she didn’t get my email. You/sent/wrong/address.

f. Write sentences using the following phrasal verbs:

i. go about

ii. break down

g. Punctuate the following sentences:

i. A man dressed all in black walked up to her and bowed.

ii. It is not my concern what you do in your own home.

h. Choose the most appropriate word or phrase and complete the sentences:

i. Everybody takes part in dancing, ___ everybody except the musicians.

a) in other words b) or rather c) namely d) for instance

ii. Some metals, ___ platinum, are more expensive than gold.

a) i.e. b) such as c) in other words d) viz

Watch the video about Business Communication

i. Rewrite these sentences using capital letters where necessary:

i. was professor blunt working for the queen of england?

ii. is lake geneva near mont blanc?

j. Use apostrophes where necessary in the following sentences:

i. What the sens  saying in saying its Jacks?

ii. Peter asked Jennys father for all he customers address.

k. Write the following sentences into reported speech using appropriate reporting words given:

accuse wonder offer refuse apologise

i. “What will happen if I refuse?” Jim said quietly to himself.

ii. “I’m afraid that the council cannot treat your case as being urgent, ” the letter said.

l. Complete the following paragraph using the missing linking words and phrases.

before that because of previously moreover as well also what’s more as

Last summer my husband and I rented a cottage for two weeks. ____, we had always spent our summer holidays comping, either in England or abroad. ___ some of our friends had rented the same cottage the year before, we knew that the place would be clean and comfortable, and ___ near the beach. ___, the day before we left home the long-range weather forecast sounded good, which made us feel even more certain of a pleasant holiday.

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