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Biotechnology – Nature and Scope | Botany

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Nature and Scope of Botany


It is technology to use living organisms to produce use full substances for the benefit of mankind.

Tissue culture

It is technique to grow cell or tissue or organ entire body in artificial medium in lab is called tissue culture.

Genetic Engineering

genetic engineering

It is technique to cut replace, remove, region the genes of organisms in called genedtirenff.


It is technique to presence substance by anaerobic arcidation (Break down) of food by microorganisms.

Characteristics of living beings

a. Shape/ size:

Living organisms body shows fined shape/ size. Animal body is compact, plants are branched.

b. Cellular organization:

Body of living beings in made up of smallest units called cells.

c. Metabolism:

Various types a chemical reactions that occur in the body or cells is called metabolism

CO2 + H2O – C6H12O6

The reactions in which large molecule is formed from small molecules called.

Anabolism (Synthetic reactions)

The reaction in which large molecule is broken down nilo small molecule called.

Catabolism (Destructive reaction)


d. Locomotion:

Animal move with whole body but plants share environment of some parts (Feat, roof, stem)

e. Sensitivity:

Response of organisms to words environment stimulus is called sensitivity. Animals are highly sensitive (due to brain) plants “less”

f. Feeding:

Organisms require food plants prepare food in presence of light (Antotroph or produce) Animals consume prepare food (Heterotoph or comsomers)

g. Respiration:

It in process to release energy by break down of food. Energy is required to perform various like activities.

h. Excretion:

It is process of removal of waste matorids from the body is called excretion westes are produced by metabolism.

i. Reproduction:

The process of giving birth a new meclividua of their own kind is called reproduction.

j. Growth:

Living beings show growth/ development. They become mature finally die.

k. Adaptation:

The adjustment of living organisms in this environment is called.

l. Healing:

Organisms heal wounds by cell divitions.

m. Evolution:

Organisms change their characters from generation to generation.


Ii in change in structure and function genes.

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