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Why BE Computer? Cost, Scope & Requirement

Bachelor of Computer Engineering (also called BE Computer) is a 4 year, 8 semester course from Tribhuvan University. Right now, around 14 colleges offer this degree. And out of all the students who want to study it, only 710 students are able to actually study this degree because of the competition. The aim of this degree is to produce computer engineers capable of developing applications for computer systems. The course covers many areas of computer science and engineering. It is a practical degree designed for producing skilled engineers able to work in software development, networking, security, hardware and more. 

Course Requirements

The requirements for BE Computer are given below:

  • Students must have secured a minimum of C grade in all subjects of 11 and 12.  They should have completed their education in Science stream with Mathematics as the main subject in both years of +2.
  • Students should pass the entrance exam and qualify for the spot that lets them study the course. Various factors can determine whether a student qualifies or not.

Admission Process

A student must pass the entrance exam (at least) to study the BE degree. In terms of seats in public colleges, students must qualify for them by securing good marks. There are only 710 seats and the number of students giving this exam can exceed 10,000 so, there is a very good competition. If you can beat the competition and qualify, you can study this degree for cheap at a government college. If not, you can always try private colleges. The fees in private colleges are pretty high though. Anyway, the entrance examination, also called IOE Entrance (IOE stands for Institute of Engineering), has the following format:

  • The IOE entrance exam has a total marks of 140 and the pass marks is 60. The exam duration is 2 hours.
  • There are 60 questions of 1 mark each and 40 questions of 2 mark each.
  • A wrong answer can lead to negative marking in the exam.
  • The areas tested are: Physics, Chemistry, Math, English and Engineering Aptitude.

You can take a look at the full engineering entrance exam syllabus here. 

How to start the admission process?

Starting the admission process for the BE Computer degree begins as soon as you have given your 12th grade final exams. You now need to join an institute to prepare for the exam. Preparing for this entrance exam without actually joining an institute is pretty hard so, you need someone to guide you. Most of the questions in the entrance exam is way beyond the comprehension of a 12th class student. It will take a minimum of 3 months to prepare for this exam properly. Once you have prepared for it, you can give the exam.  The exam can be given online and you can sort out the process of form filling, getting the admit cards and exam giving from your institute.

Course Structure

Since BE computer is an engineering course, there are a lot of core engineering subjects that you need to study. The course can roughly be divided as follows:

Core Sciences – These are the subjects that cover the basic sciences and their derivatives. Things like Physics, Chemistry, Thermodynamics, Environment study are all under this category.

Core Engineering – Core Engineering subjects such as Digital Circuitry, Engineering Drawing and Electronics are also necessary to get an engineering degree and these subjects are extensively taught in the BE course.

Computational Mathematics – You need to study both applied mathematics and computational mathematics in engineering. Subjects like Calculus and Linear Algebra fall under the “Engineering Mathematics” umbrella while various computational mathematics like Theory of Computation, Discrete Math, Probability and Statistics are also there in the course.

Core Computer Science – After everything, BE Computer at it’s core is a Computer Science degree so, you do get to study a lot of computer related subjects such as Digital Logic, Microprocessor, Operating Systems, Artificial Intelligence, Programming, Networking, Cryptography,  Signal Processing and more.


  • The BE Computer course has high value and it opens the door for a lot of high level government positions.
  • The Course has a good mixture of theory and practical courses.
  • There are internship opportunities for students in the final year.
  • Industrial Visits, Projects and overall exposure in this course is very good.
  • The course provides necessary skill set for solving real world engineering problems.

Cost of Study

Coaching Fee : Anywhere from 20K to 50K (and above)

College Tuition : 2 to 5 lakhs (Government Colleges), 5 to 15 lakhs (Private Colleges).

Per Semester Exam Fee: NRs. 2500 per semester.

Per year TU development fee: NRs. 3000-5000 per year (depends on the college).

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