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Why BBS course? Course Requirements and Scope

Bachelors of Business Studies (BBS) is a 4 year Bachelor Program in Nepal. This business degree is a very old degree so, it doesn’t have the modern semester system. Instead, the students have to give final exams every year. The BBS degree comes under the Faculty of Management.

It can be studied after you have done your +2/intermediate  or proficiency level studies in any field. Both management and science students can study this degree and the degree is available in Tribhuvan, Mid Western and Far Western Universities in Nepal. This course is very similar to BBA.

The main difference is is that BBA is a more practical exposure course while BBS has more theory. The graduates become very skilled and competent in the world of management after they have done this degree.

Course Requirement

The BBS degree is provided by three universities in Nepal and each university has their own set of requirements. The general requirements, however, are listed below:

  • A student should get passing grade in their 11th/12th or the equivalent course. TU requires a minimum of D+ grade for admission while FU and MU only need passing grade.
  • The student should pass the entrance exam taken by the respective college.
  • The Science or Arts student that are applying for BBS must have taken Mathematics in their +2.

Admission Process

The admission process for BBS is quite easy. You can simply visit any private or public college and you will get admission. There is an entrance exam called CMAT but that is not required for BBS. If you have done and passed CMAT though, you get a slight preference. Also, most private colleges take their own entrance exams and the format for these entrance exams is quite simple. You get 100 full marks Multiple Choice Questions. You need to get 40 to pass. There is no negative marking and the subjects tested are Mathematics, English, Nepali (some colleges) and Accounting.

How to start the admission process?

When you have completed your schooling, you can simply contact a college near you for further information. When you are done  with the process, you can simply give your entrance exam and be done with the whole admission process. The BBS course requires good knowledge of Mathematics and English so, you can always get the best result when you cover these subjects before actually giving your entrance exam.

Course Structure

When it comes to BBS, there are 4 years and each year has a particular focus. The course is split into these years as follows:

First Year – The first year in BBS has courses of English, Statistics, Microeconomics, Financial Analysis and Principles of Management. These courses have the base of Plus 2 and are pretty easy to pass. The first year is very simple in terms of course work.

Second Year – The second year of BBS is very tough. It has a lot of Accounting and Macroeconomic courses. You also get to learn Human Resource management as well as Business Communication in the second year.

Third Year – The third year of BBS allows you to study subjects such as Business Law, Financial Management, Business Environment, Strategy, Taxation, Organizational Behavior and Auditing.

Fourth Year – The final year of BBS has three main subjects titled: Entrepreneurship, Business Research and Final Year project.  You also get to choose two courses from either Finance, Marketing, Management and Accounting.


The BBS degree has the following features:

  • It provides knowledge of business and administration to the students studying this course. This helps the students tackle real world management problems.
  • The BBS degrees can help guide students into responsible managers by providing them with the needed skills, abilities and even necessary attitude.
  • The  course provides entrepreneurial knowledge to students so that they are able to own and run their own businesses.
  • BBS degree helps create an environment where higher studies are available for the students. A student with a BBS degree can pursue higher education such as MBS and MBA.
  • In terms of career option, a BBS graduate can become an Accountant, work as a Tax agent, apply for government job, become a teacher and do various other works as well.

Cost of Study

Admission Form: Depends on the college.

College Tuition : Most colleges charge 2 to 4 lakhs for the whole degree.

Per Semester Exam Fee: NRs. 1500 to 2000 per semester.

Per year TU development fee: NRs. 3000-5000 per year (depends on college).

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