Business Statistics Exam Paper 2072 | BBS 1st Year

BBS 1st Year Business Statistics Exam Paper 2072. Read this exam paper and do prepare for your exam according to syllabus. You can find here BBS 1st year questions answer. This is bbs 1sy year questions exam paper 2072 of Business Statistics. Stay with us for more latest updates. We’ll provide you more and most … Read more

Business Statistics Exam Paper 2071

Business Statistics TU Exam Paper 2071 Time: 3 hrs | Full Marks: 100 | Pass Marks: 35 Candidates are required to give their answer in their own words as far as practicable. The figures in the margin indicate full marks. Download this questions paper in PDF: Business Statistics TU Exam Paper 2071 Attempt all questions Group A Brief … Read more

Data Classification

Download Data Classification PDF file Learning Objectives When the data are collected, they need to be classified and tabulated in a proper manner so that readers can understand the information very easily. In this chapter efforts have been made to explain different ways of classification, construction of frequency distributions, measurement scales, and different tabular presentation. … Read more

Data Collection

Data Collection Introduction First step in statistical approach to a problem is the collection of numerical information i.e. Actually data are the raw materials for final statistical conclusions. Generally data can either be quantitative or qualitative. The data, which can be counted in natural way, is known as quantitative data whereas the data, which represent … Read more

Scope of Statistics | BBS 1st Year | Business Statistics

Scope of Statistics There is hardly any walk of life, which has not been affected by statistics. It has become one of the indispensable parts in almost areas. It is used in Business, management, accounting, finance, marketing, production, economics, computer, information technology, physical sciences, social sciences and many other areas. Attempts have been made to … Read more

Functions of Statistics | Business Statistics | BBS 1st year

Functions of Statistics Statistics has been playing a vital role in almost every area in the universe. Some of important functions are listed below: i. To present facts from numerical figures in a definite form: Statistics shows every fact in figure and in numbers. Naturally conclusions based on numerical facts are definite. Just for example, … Read more

Introduction to Statistics

Background In ancient time, human beings used Statistics even unknowingly. They kept the information regarding daily life activities such as records of their cattle, properties, crops etc. States used Statistics only to keep information regarding the number of police, soldiers etc. It took long time to understand the importance and application of Statistics formally. Development … Read more