Sources of Business Law

A source of Business Law means an origin, place, cause, resource or institution from where Business Law emanates and derives its force and validity. Major source of Nepalese Business law is British and Indian Mercantile law it is because India remains British Colony for Hundreds of Years and she enacted a number of laws, rules … Read more

Meaning of Business Law

‘Business Law’ is the combination of the terms ‘Business’ & ‘ Law’. ‘Business’ refers to all human or economic activity that intends to earn property or money by producing, buying or selling the goods or services. Similarly, Law refers to a set of rules and principles made and applied by supreme authority or state to … Read more

Importance of Business Law or Legal Environment | BBA 6th Semester | Business Law Notes

“Ignorance of Law is no Excuse” is legal principle. Law assumes that all the Business Man know the law related to business. So the person who is involved in the business must know about legal principles and provision that are connected with law (Knowledge and provisions regarding law). The business law tells about the provisions … Read more