Ethical Issues in Research | 4th Semester | BBA

Ethical Issues in Research Research is carried out for making the things better. If the research is conducted with causing harm to those for which it is conducted, then the research is worthless. Therefore, new things, new facts etc shall be explored with considering the rights of the people or others involved in the study. … Read more

Types of research | 4th Semester | BBA

Types of research Quantitative research – This research is also known as statistical research. In this research, data are measured and only such units are taken which are worth measuring. The research on physical science is generally quantitative. The most important utility of this is that it keeps subjective elements away from the field of … Read more

Research Methodology | 4th Semester | BBA

Research Methodology It is the science of studying how research is done scientifically. The various steps are to be considered during research process by the researcher and these steps should be scientific and logically sequenced in order to reach at logical and scientific conclusions. The entire process of drawing the conclusions about the problem involves … Read more